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Monday, November 17, 2008

See, I TOLD You Appliances Are Out To Get Me!!!

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, read this first. Do you remember after the incident of the Washing Machine being bust, we did get a new one?

Well that one busted on me, last Friday.

Now you know why I say appliances are out to get me?

We have an appointment to get ours fixed tomorrow (the soonest they could come), but that has still left me with no washing machine for more than 4 days and counting.


Just when I was catching up on the huge mountain after moving! That, and plenty of "peed on" sheets still waiting to get clean.

Seriously.....feel sorry for me.


tonksfam said...

Wait, was that a Cameronism?! Dan, what are you teaching your wife?! ;) (*cough* So you're saying your washing machine had a Error 252 *giggle*)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure "SUCKS TO BE ME" is a Cameronism. Actually it turned out to be an ID10T error on my part and there is nothing wrong with the washer.

Suze said...

*Look guys, if you're going to comment on my blog, at least have it make sense to ME! None of this "inside joke" stuff Debbi and Dan! Grrrr!

(*sarcasm of course)

Alana said...

Groan......peed on sheets are no fun. The appliances here are not enjoyable either. They work - technically. The dishwasher seems to require prewashing plus jetdry and we still get gunk all over our glasses, the washing machine and dryer are both substandard and the freezer is bent on giving our food freezer burn no matter which way we turn dials. GRRR! I miss my house!

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