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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Can Do Laundry Again!

As if I ever liked that chore anyways. But I especially despised it in this house. I HATED my washing machine and when it died, it was bittersweet. I was glad it was going to be replaced with something newer, but then again I didn't know when.....and that meant I was stressed out about the laundry piling up!

See, because we had to rely on our landlord replacing it, we didn't know when that was going to happen. So I was getting a little worried. I even asked my nearest living girlfriend of mine if I could go over to her house to do a couple of loads. No way I was hauling two toddlers and laundry to a Laundry Mat. I remember those days as a kid and it was NOT fun! Well actually it was, but I'm sure it wasn't for my mother!

Anyways our landlord said he was going to replace it with something used, which I was okay with, but I was sad, cause I was afraid he was going to replace it with another front loading one and I really and truly despise those now that I've used them. I'm sure the newer ones aren't bad (you know the ones that you don't have to bend so far down to get the clothes out) but the older ones are yuck! When we moved in here we had to clean it out cause it was moldy and mildewy and it was nasty! Then we had to wash it with this special stuff (that for these washers your supposed to use it every month. Yeesh!) and we used the whole package (took 3 cycles) and it still didn't smell clean. Then the rubber that seals it tight....things kept getting stuck in there and that to me was gross cause that was the part that was moldy smelling and I had to clean out so much! Eww....yuck....I'm so glad it's gone!

Anyways where was I.....oh yes....well he said he was going to replace it with a new one, but in the end he said it wasn't worht it to him and to just go buy a new one under $400.

So I hopped on down to Lowe's (one of my new favorite stores here in Monroe, now that I live in a house....Ben Franklin Crafts is my top fav!) and I went to go pick out a new washer. I cancelled laundry at my friend's, since I was getting a washer that would be delivered the following day.

Lowe's had a sale on. If you bought an appliance that was $379 or over you got free delivery, which is normally $79. So anyways as I was looking at washers, I found the perfect one to suit our needs and it was $348. Totally in the price range of our landlord and it would suit me just fine. I was used to the GE models, (I've had one in the last 5 apartments that I've lived in), so I was partial to that particular model. All the others confused me. (I'm simple minded, what can I say). Anyways so I found this one and well if you add the delivery fee to it, it actually cost more than another model that had free delivery on it. So I ended up picking a different model that was $398. It was the perfect price and I got the free delivery on it. So I told the sales clerk that it's the one that I wanted and he's like, "Well actually all our appliances are on sale for 10 % off right now, so after the discount, it wouldn't qualify you for the free delivery".

How ironic.

So I had to spend more time browsing at the more expensive models so that I could get the one that would suit our budget as well as get us the better deal. It's how they SUCK YOU IN, I swear! Well I'm a sucker and I got sucked in! Hey if it's about getting more for your buck I'm all for it.

Anyways so this is my new washer.

They came at 7:30am yesterday morning and installed it; hauled the other piece of junk away and I never have to listen to my spin cycle "take off" ever again. was SO LOUD the whole house practically shook. I couldn't even do laundry at night cause one night Desiree woke up thinking there were ghosts in the house. It was while I was doing laundry and she could hear the washer running. This is with the laundry room door shut, her room being upstairs and everything! Yeah, it was a little loud.

Anyways I'm just happy that I have a nice quiet washer that has KING SIZE capacity. I thought a Super capacity was big.....well adding that other 3 cu ft. makes a difference. I can do so much more laundry.

Who ever thought I'd be blogging about laundry anyways? I need a life!


Sarah said...

Laundry is so wonderful after your washer or dryer has been busted for days. I think we went 5 days without one or the other.

tonksfam said...

I think your washing machine is one step up from mine, but the same brand...

I doubt you really need to know this, but it does cloth diapers GREAT! ;)

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