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Sunday, October 19, 2008


It all started in our first apartment with our freezer. You can read the story here. Well not only did that stOOpid thing happened to us in that apartment, but it happened to us AGAIN in another apartment we lived in! I don't want to repeat the whole story, for fear of getting seriously ill to my stomach, but pretty much what happened this time was that an outlet went out in our kitchen where our freezer was and it was NO WHERE near where our freezer was plugged in, so we didn't think anything of it until a week or so later (obviously hadn't gone into the big freezer for anything) and it started to smell raunchy in our kitchen. We thought it was our garbage, but soon figured out what it was and by then I think it was almost 3 weeks after the outlet went out. was RAUNCH! Anyways that's not even the sickest part. Okay so it looks like I am telling you the whole story.....anyways.....Dan emptied it, but since we were moving a couple of weeks got "put off" being cleaned inside.....lets just say it was worse than....okay I'm getting sick. I need to stop.....
Anyways my point was this is where it started. The whole appliances out to get me.
Thursday evening our washing machine died. Our landlord has an older model washing machine and so it's not that I'm really surprised that it's dead. The thing bugged the heck out of me anyways. Every time it hit the spin cycle it sounded like a 747 about to take off! (You think I'm kidding on this one....he he...I'm seriously freaked the girls out). Anyways I'm glad it's dead so he can replace it with a better it's one of those front loading washers....I HATE those! They're smelly and damp all the time (at least this one was) and I just hated this machine, so I hope he gets a top loading one.......anyways I'm glad it's dead, but I'm not glad that I have piles of laundry to be done and no where to do it!
I thought that was going to be stressful! Ooooooh Noooo!!
This morning we realized, things were feeling awfully "warm" in the refrigerator.
Hmm.....better turn down the temperature before church to see if that makes a difference.
Come home 3 hours later. Everything feels warmer. Oh great! Now the fridge is out to get me!
I wouldn't be so worried about it, except that the landlord has new appliances in the kitchen.
I have the feeling he thinks we're accident prone!
No,......I seriously think the appliances are out to get me!....
....just wait and see what's next!

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