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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Date With My Daughter

I had my first official date with my daughter the other night. Well technically it would've been my first date with Dan in over 7 months, but we couldn't find a sitter on short notice so I took our oldest.

We went to see Michael McLean in The Forgotten Carols. This is my absolute FAVORITE event of the year. I've seen 3 times (so far!). I only missed it once last year, because they didn't come to Seattle last year. This year it was in Everett, so I was happy at that (driving an hour to Seattle as apposed to 20 minutes to Everett......yeah). We always go with somebody. In the past we've gone with Dan's parents and the year before it was TAKI. This year we went with TAKI & The Higham's (Dan's sis).

Each year they change the play a little, just to keep it different, but it's still the same story, songs & music and message.

If you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about then here's pretty much the plot line (a la Suze):

There's a nurse, "Constance" (who gets called "Connie Lou" throughout the play), who's pretty much a "Grinch" about Christmastime and then she meets a patient named "John" who shows her the story of the Nativity with those who were forgotten. He uses an ornament to represent those forgotten people of the Nativity story, like, The Inn Keeper, A Shepherd who fell asleep during the Angels' visit, A woman who held the Baby Jesus, and just so many more great songs and music that bring in this wonderful holiday season. He's trying to help the nurse "find her carol" and the as the stories come to life, she finds that Carol and a special gift that John brings to her life. There's a certain "magic" in the air when you see this play. It will change your life forever.

I fortunately bought the DVD last year when it came out, (In fact I bought it for all my family at Christmas) and so I can never go hungry for this play again! It's just different when you see it live.

I was never a huge Michael McLean fan, except knowing that he wrote semi-cheesy songs. But I've grown to LOVE him and the music that he writes. He stars as John in the play and he's absolutely AMAZING! He's funny, witty and charming and although he says he can't sing, the songs from his heart are beautiful and touch my heart, every time I hear them. I can't help but cry every time I see this play or hear the music. It's that "magic" I guess.

Anyways I took a few pictures at the play. You weren't aloud to take flash photography, so my pictures didn't turn out too well. (I still haven't mastered that part of photography).

John (Michael McLean) showing the new ornament he made, to Connie Lou

The cast getting a standing ovation.

I was busy clapping for them, when I realized this would be a photo op and then they started walking off stage

If you want to check out some of the music, I found some on YouTube


I Cannot Find My Way

Connie Lou's Carol


tonksfam said...

I didn't know Michael McLean was actually in the play! I thought it was just an approved play that went around, not him himself. That's awesome! We have the CD, but I've never seen the play or a video of it. I didn't know it had this storyline. Now I'm intrigued :)

Suze said...

Oh Debbi! What you've missed! You should buy the DVD from Deseret books IMMIDIATELY!

*I get no $ for promoting this DVD, just the simple pleasure of hearing of someone else enjoy my holiday tradition.

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