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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Finished Bathroom

Well I'm done painting my bathroom. Tada!

I hope you can tell from the pictures what a great job I did and ignore the fact that I suck at "cutting in". I'll have to get some ceiling paint and fix my mistakes. tee hee.

Okay if that made you dizzy, here's some straight photos and a "before and after" comparison. Remember from my post before that I don't really have any good "before" photos cause I forgot to take some. he he







Alana said...

Looks great! I think it's very appropriate to have poo colour for a bathroom wall. ;D

tonksfam said...

Very nice! Did you use the color on the shower curtain to choose the paint, or is it a happy coincidence that it ended up matching so well?

Our ceilings look horrible, too. We're going to cover it up with crown molding once we have the funds again (like in a year or two), but I think I'm still stuck fixing the baseboards and window frames ;) It's no wonder people don't paint all the time, eh?!

Suze said...

You're the first to notice Debi!

Actually I tried my best to match it and also the packaging to the curtain had a bathroom wall color that I wanted to copy, so it's a combination of both. I think that's what they tried to do too on the packaging picture.

Did that make sense?

Anyways as I was painting "poo" on the wall I was kinda grossed out cause it looked too close to it. he he

Leighann and Jamie said...

beauuuutiful, Susan. I love it. Sorry I couldn't help. I love doing this sort of thing. While I was in Utah, I got to do a bedroom makeover for my dad. pics on my picasa link on blog page. Didn't get quite done, but I got to paint walls and trim. :)

Candice said...

Suze . . . I noticed that the shower curtain and paint matched right away. You did a great job on your bathroom. I love the hanging cups! That's a very clever idea!

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