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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things That Are Keeping Me Going

I got my stitches out yesterday. Not that it means anything, cause of the last time I got my stitches out. But to me it means nearing the end. If there ever will be an end. In the meantime I'm on stinky antibiotics (they really do stink) and keepin' the leg up (although, not as much as I should be....oops!).

But I am grateful for all of the good things and people that keep me going each day.

First off, my husband. Seriously....he's the man.
He's awesome and he's doing a great job.

My girls, who "help mommy" all the time.
They're my go-to girls.

Visiting Teachers

Visits in general

Home Teachers

Hot meals brought in

Phone calls


Dad's Oatmeal Cookies

(Imported from Canada)

Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer

Good books

Online Shopping (even if it's just browsing)

My daughters quoting Star Wars, or simply singing the theme song....(my current fav is when my oldest randomly quotes Aunt Beru)

"Luke's just not a farmer Owen..."

Anyways I just wanted to jot down some things that get me through the days of grief over this leg. It makes me not so low down. And that's the down low. Yo yo. I'm outta hee.

*I take no responsibility for the gangsta talk


Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

I haven't read Catching Fire yet, but I did enjoy the Hunger Games. Netflix rocks. I hope your recuperation goes smoothly and quickly from here on out!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Hey Suze! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always so fun to "meet" other women!

So sorry about your leg! Ick, that would be so hard to be laid up like that. I really do hope it heals quickly!

I haven't read hunger games yet, but I really want to! I hear its so good.

Yea for good Visiting Teachers!!

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