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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on "The Leg"

So the day after I wrote that last post, something happend.

I awoke to a wet bed.

I seriously thought I had an accident and wet my bed.....but then I realized that it was my leg that was "leaking".

It had been a week since my stitches had come out and I still had surgical tape on them. It had leaked a little since stitches had come out, but nothing like this. My sheet and pillow that my leg sat on, were so wet that I freaked out.

That day we went back in to see the surgeon and he bandaged it up, put me on antibiotics again and had me come and see him a few days later to see what was going on.

The next visit, the seeping hadn't stopped and so he put me on another antibiotic and wanted me to see an "Infection Specialist".

So since then I went to go see the specialist, which freaked me out, cause when I got to his office, under his name on his business card read,
"Infectious Diseases"
But the doctor was super nice and Dan and I both really liked him. However, what he did to me violates all that is sweet and holy.
Pretty much there's a hole in my leg and he wanted to "impact" it to draw all of the icky stuff out, that wasn't coming out by itself.
IMPACT? Impact what? mean stick a bunch of gauze inside my leg incision....where there's a hole....and you want me to still keep my lunch down? Oh gee......okay.....oh no want my hubby with the incredibly weak stomach to do problem.
Okay even writing about it is seriously making me wanna lose my lunch and it's causing my leg to throb. This is all I will say about this. Maybe I'll let Dan write about it. I'll post more pictures later.
Until then, I'm still suffering at home.......seriously....I feel your really.....I do.


tonksfam said...

Ouch. That's all I can say. Ouch and ouch again. And every time I turn around, your posts are making me say ouch. Tell that leg of yours to behave itself, will ya?! Maybe it got offended when you didn't like the lack of battle wound and decided to really show you it's stuff. Legs are sensitive like that.

I don't mind saying ouch, by the way. I was raised on graphic "I got hurt when" stories.

Sarah said...

Ugh! I had no idea falling through a deck could cause so much trouble! Praying for you.

JenG said...

I'm so sorry! This is really not fair!

Chesney said...

I'm sorry to hear that it's not healing like it should. We'll keep you in our prayers. If there's anything else we can do for you please let us know. Do you think you'll be able to make it to the reunion? I hope so.

Ryan and Amanda said...

I was thinking of you the other day when a friend of mine fell through my deck! Luckily her injuries were nothing like yours. I sure do hope you are better soon!

Ryan and Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debbi said...

yuck. ouchie. ew. 'tears'.

All that stuff and more.

Get better soon, infectious leg!

Anonymous said...

Oh Suzie, I really want to change your packing for you! I need the practice! If I was close to you, I would change the packing as often as needed for you - and Dan wouldn't have to do it! Hope you get better.

Jenn & Nathan

Erekson's said...

Wow, I guess you'll never go out on the deck again eh! Ouch! I miss you too and we don't know where we are going yet we still have a year left but WA is still in the picture! Would love to see you!

Alana said...

Oh, man. That is so crappy. That is one stubborn infection. To think you were complaining that it wasn't bruised enough!!! This sounds like h*** and back and I hope it gets better real soon!

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