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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You'd Think It Was Monday.....

I have to blog about this, so I can feel like I'm still a good mom.

About 30 min ago, I was making my breakfast (before 11am, even!) and I heard my daughter crying. Just to clarify, this isn't an unusual event in my day. She's the youngest and feels constantly picked on and almost ALWAYS feels the need to get her sister in trouble. So anyways she's crying and I do what I normally do and that's yell up "What's going on?".

Well I did that. Twice.

All I heard was more crying. So I headed upstairs to see what was going on.

By the way this isn't an easy feat for me these days. My leg is still a bit stiff after surgery and my knee swells up as well, so climbing the stairs is usually a "one step at a time" thing. But as soon as I heard my daughter crying specifically for ME, I knew this wasn't a case of "my sister is bugging me and this is my way of getting her in trouble".

I was up the stairs faster than I thought possible.

The scene as I entered their room was this. My youngest daughter was "tied" to the bed post by a necklace and my oldest was trying to "free" her. Thank goodness she was still conscious enough to be crying and calling for me (and thank goodness she was still a normal color). But the sight of her trapped like that still sent my heart racing.

I was surprisingly calm as I asked my oldest daughter why she was choking her sister to death, (okay so I didn't say it like that) and she simply replied, "I was pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf".

So after I comforted them both, we had a nice lecture chat about how we don't put things around people's necks and choke them. I immediately threw away all their necklaces. I might have slight regret over that, but I just don't trust them with those right now.

Anyways I'm much more calm about things now. I can laugh about the situation now, only cause I was planning on taking the girls to get their passport photos done and I really don't think it would look good with a big red mark on her neck.
This is what it looks like:
(Am I overreacting?)

I'm waiting to see if it calms down. I keep thinking that someone will see her and report me to the authorities. Not a good thing when we're trying to update our Foster License. Yeah.....nope.

Have your kids ever done this? Please tell me I'm not a bad mom. I know it's not my fault, but somehow I still feel guilty of not responding quicker. All the "what if's?".

I'd swear it was Monday, if not for the time and date on the computer.


NaDell said...

Sounds like a normal day in the dramatic life of little girls. At least they have imaginations. It's easy to go too far, I think. My daughters like to put tiny hair things around stuffed animals' necks. Hopefully it doesn't look even worse in a few days. It's a little warm for turtlenecks.

Ashlee said...

Makes me nervous (more so) for whenever we have kids.
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!
Miss you too!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I've had to have so many talks about not choking each other with hands, necklaces, or any other such thing. Most of the time they are just playing some kind of good guy/bad guy thing but I still have to remind them its dangerous to play like that.

Same with plastic bags over their heads.

No worries, you're not a bad mom! Completely normal. =)

Colette said...

You should read my story! I just blogged about it so you can check it out. :D Hope you are all doing well despite the recent scare!! Yikes!

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