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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Old A Cappella!

In case you haven't been on planet earth lately, my chorus is singing at an A Cappella festival this Saturday, March 5th. (click the flyer above for location details)

It's a casual event and if they stick to the schedule, we'll be on the stage at 3:30pm.

Hope I'll see you there!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Suze!
It's Brooke from AJoy. I'm stalking you ;) (no, I think I found this link from one of your emails to the group) and read a little bit--and can so totally relate to the two leg surgeries... mine were 10 months apart...
In any case, barring incident, I'll be at 3rd Place to see y'all today! :) It'll be totally different to be in the audience, for once!

Suze said...

Hey Brooke! It was great to see you out and about yesterday. Did you know that we won for the Barbershop category? We didn't even know it was a competition! Crazy eh?

I took a gander at your blog quickly last night and I can't wait to read more. By looking at you, you'd never think for a second that you struggled with weight. You're an inspiration.

Anyways heal quick so you can be on the risers with us soon.

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