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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Menu Items At McDonalds!

Introducing the new McFried Beef.

One 45% all-beef pattie deep fried in 65% all-vegetable oil.

Limited time only.

MixDonald's is now also prescribing drugs! Call your local restaurant to get your prescriptions refilled and try the new McFried Beef!

So my sweet little Kayla has a crazy imagination. When we're driving in the car she'll sometimes play "drive-thru" with herself. She'll pretend like she's at the window ordering a bunch of stuff and crazy stuff like trees, signs etc... Well yesterday she was playing it a different way and I thought it was totally blogworthy. Instead of "driving-thru", she "called" her order in.

Hello MixDonald's?....Yes, my ear hurts and I need some medicine......I also want a McFried Beef, umm.....some Chicken Nuggets, some umm......Fries.......some trees, a sign......

I asked her what a McFried Beef was and she just said in her cute voice, I dunno?

Maybe she's on to something, eh? Deep fried Hambugers and Pharmacy? Talk about your one stop shop!


Unknown said...

Wow, this made me laugh.

Leighann and Jamie said...

if they sold cholesterol lowering drugs along with that Big Mac it might be tolerable. LOL

Amanda said...

ugh. That would be gross!

Chesney said...

thats awesome. i see that youre down 13 lbs now!!!! congratulations. keep up the good work.

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