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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Facts Of Life

And I ain't talkin' Tootie here.....

Life on a farm brings you many forms of education. There's the "what you eat turns into poop to make the grass grow"......there's the "eventually this animal is going to be 'breakfast', 'lunch', or 'dinner'".....then there's the "animals in heat makes them randy".

The girls were playing outside just now and Desiree proceeded to tell us that the dog was being very playful with her. To say it in her own words (and I quote):

"Chocolate was wiggling on me with her privates......She was getting on me like a horsey ride for me to run away.......I think she needs her privacies to get the puppies out".

She knows the fact that babies come out of you know where, so I guess she figured that she was needing to get puppies out of her tummy, 'cause she was "wiggling her privates".

Of course we didn't tell her the real reason Chocolate was trying to mount her.

There you have the facts of life.

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