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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Proud Momma

Modesty (mod/es/ty)

  1. humility: unwillingness to draw attention to your own achievements or abilities
  2. sexual reserve: reserve in appearance, manner, and speech, especially in relation to sexual matters
  3. shyness: lack of confidence or assertiveness, with a tendency to embarrass easily
  4. simplicity: lack of grandeur or ostentation
  5. moderation: moderation in size, scale, or extent

I had a Proud Mommy Moment the other day, that I wanted to share....

I do my best to teach my girls about being modestly dressed as far as #2 in the definition goes. I've done this since they came to us 2 years ago, when they were just 3.5 and 2 years old.

They get it.

*They probably get it too much, as we're out shopping and my 4 year old says in her "loud" voice about the lady with the mini skirt on, "Mommy, that lady is not being modest!" about embarrassing!

It's not hard to teach kids about this, you just have to do it. Start when they're young too, cause when they get older they won't have to change the way they dress, especially if they choose to receive their endowment in the temple.

Anyways the other day I had the girls get dressed in their, "Going out in public with mommy, so you have to look less like a blind vagabond"-Clothes.

(Disclaimer: *I am in NO WAY making fun of the sight impaired or the homeless......I am merely stating that my kids dress themselves and most often I feel like they got dressed in the dark or they are seriously blind! Sometimes their choices even hurt their daddy's eyes!)

For example:

I rest my case.

Now where was I.....

So anyways I made them get dressed and it happened to be coordinating shirts that were new, (that I bought at Old Navy clearance rack for $2 each) that they'd never worn before.

BTW I most often dress my girls alike, or in coordinating clothes, just so I can give the lady who asks me, "Are they twins?", a strange look of, "are you kidding me? One's like a foot taller than the other!" Ahhhh, the simple pleasures I enjoy in life. shirt, yes. So I left them to get dressed and I jolted off to a physical therapy appointment (for my leg) and Dan took them to work with him, (so that I didn't have to bring them to my appointment). When I arrived to pick them up from Dan's work, I was horrified to see that my precious little angel, Desiree, was NOT wearing the shirt I told her to wear! In fact she was wearing the same icky stained t-shirt she'd been wearing the day before......and the day before that.

I was peeved at the fact that my husband would allow my child not only go out in public looking like that, but the fact that she'd already been SEEN in public like that. I was SO embarrassed. Until he explained......

I sure was humbled when he told me what happened. Apparently Desiree put the shirt on and came and showed him as she said, "Everybody can see me!", pointing to the front of her shirt. Well she was trying to say that her shirt came down a little too uncomfortably low, that she figured everyone could see her naked chest. It really wasn't that bad, but for her to say that about the shirt and be uncomfortable wearing it, I tell ya, it was one of those moments.....

Those moments, as a parent, where you've taught your child something important and it becomes apparent that they are listening, cause it now becomes important to them too.

*Let's take a moment and sigh a little, shall we?......

This was definitely one of those moments I pat myself on the back.

*Oh and BTW I was SO glad that I had a jacket in the car, so I could cover up her shirt. Gotta love mommy preparedness!

Oh and as far as the shirt goes, it was only $2, so no big loss there!


Amanda said...

Hahaha! Cute!

Amanda said...

His birthday is the 24th, its a Saturday. I emailed Jacki tonight and she said they can come, so it'll be like old times again! I'll give you a call tomorrow night, (thursday) because Lee will be working and then we chat it up!

Shannon said...

Hey Suze! YOu are obviously an awesome mom, no modesty needed to go along with that statement ;)
Love ya!

Suze said...

Was that sarcasm I detect Shaganello?

Just because your a writer, doesn't mean you can just "write" stuff all the time.....writing writer! (okay so that's my lame attempt at banter)

BTW Where's your manu, so I can do some reading, eh?

Love you too!

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