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Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Got My Leg Stuck In The Deck And All I Got Was This Darn Hospital Blanket & Bracelet

*WARNING* I'm on Percocet as I write this....
It was a glorious Thursday evening and I was making dinner. I was cooking some Perogies on the stove (a RARE find in the US, but I bought some at Costco) and was about to BBQ some Italian Sausage....
....I should probably mention that our patio has a few "watch out for that board"-spots. There's one in particular that I stepped on about a month ago that I had to constantly remind myself not to step on, each time I go outside. This particular board is on route to my BBQ. I keep forgetting it's there and have to remind myself all the time NOT TO STEP ON IT!
Well, gee........wouldn't you know it......I forgot.
So as I'm walking back inside from my BBQ, my life flashes before my eyes as I plummet through this rotten board and get my leg stuck.
Panic stricken I SCREAM my head off for help! My girls are outside playing and have not even a clue that I need help, even though I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, "HELP!!!". My husband wasn't home yet and I was alone.
I prayed.
Flash back to when I sprained my ankle in an underground parking garage 2 1/2 years ago, when that same morning Dan flew on business to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
I was alone yet again.
I still screamed my head off, cause now, not only was I scared, but I was in severe pain and agony!
After what seemed to be a couple of minutes, my heroic next door neighbor hopped the fence to come to my rescue.
Although, BIG problem here.....
....did I mention, my leg was stuck?
As much as we tried to pull my leg out, or he tried to rip the other board to make room, it just wasn't happening. He needed to cut me out and NO, I don't mean my leg!
This is when he hopped the fence for the second time to go get his saw.
Meanwhile our way-back-yard neighbors heard my cries and came over to see what was wrong. One of them also called 911 and all I could think of at this point was:
Anyways my heroic neighbor hopped the fence for the 3rd time and brought his saw. It took probably another minute or so for him to cut the wood and I was free.....
...that's when I saw my freakishly warped leg. My worst fear was that it was broken, or that it the blood supply was cut off so much that I would have to loose my leg.
Well Dan arrived home and here are all these people at our house and all he sees it the ambulance outside our driveway and he's still clueless as to what's going on. He even stopped to check the mail! (He felt badly about that after).
So to cut this story short, I had my first ambulance ride ever and come to find out that one of the paramedics is one of my neighbors. Yet another embarrassing moment.
Anyways I spent an agonizing 4 hours in the ER, in the most excruciating pain I've ever felt in my whole entire life!!!! (and that's with severe cramps running the race, I thought nothing could beat that pain!) only to find out that my leg wasn't broken, but that it was severely bruised. I had a hematoma, which I thought was something severe, but it turns out that it's just internal bleeding of the muscle. Oh, is that it?
Anyways I left the hospital in pain, even though they gave me a shot for pain, (yeah, didn't kick in till a couple of hours later) and I was disappointed that all this was nothing.
Okay to me it wasn't nothing, cause I'm in total pain and all I can do is lay in bed with my leg elevated. Yeah.....been through this before!
That's why I decided it was time to blog about it. So I hobbled my way downstairs not only so I could come on the puter, but I needed a severe change in scenery.
My "war wound" was supposed to be really bad.....and to my disappointment, looks like I was just hit in the leg.
I'll post pictures later.
You know when you're addicted to blogging, cause all I kept thinking during the whole ordeal was, "I hope someone's taking pictures, cause this is SO blog worthy!"
I'm sick.


Leighann and Jamie said...

What no pictures? As in considerate as it sounds I wondered if you got pictures too. Forgive me? Im glad you weren't hurt worse. Guess the landlord has some 'esplainin to do......... You could so sue!!! LOL I have a portable DVD player if that would help with LOTS of videos including the Muppets. call me if you wanna borrow.

Sarah said...

I'm glad you're OK other than the severe pain and embarrassment!


Anonymous said...

Let's just clarify when I arrived home from work the ambulance wasn't there yet. There was just some lady in our front yard looking around. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have stopped to check the mail if there would have been an ambulance in my driveway.

NaDell said...

Glad to hear that you have a blog. It's so great to hear about your life. We haven't been able to see you guys much since you are too far away to come to game night.
Sorry for your hurt leg. I'm sure Dan will take good care of you.

Candice said...

Suze, I'm sorry you hurt your leg. Thank you for finding the humor in absolutely everything. I needed a good laugh today. What a great way to meet the neighbors!

tonksfam said...

I would cross a rotting patio for Perogies, too ;) Costco, eh? I'll have to look there!

Maybe it's a good thing the girls were may have scared them to not be able to help you. How are they now? Are they careful with your leg? Are you careful with your leg? ;)

It's kind of bitter-sweet to find out nothing is wrong, eh? I mean, you feel bad spending the time and money to find out it's "nothing," but if you hadn't you could be thinking of all sorts of HORRIBLE things that could cause that pain. Either way, I hope you're better soon!

Alli said...

So, oddly enough, Sam & I just had perogies for dinner and he said it was his favorite food in the world ever. Just sayin'! The Costco ones are certainly better than the Mrs. T's frozen ones, but those will do in a pinch.

I'm sorry about your leg and the terrible experience and pain, but let me be the voice of "count your blessings" and remind you to be glad that your first ambulance ride had YOU as a passenger rather than one of your girls! (Suck silver lining, I know, but yeah...)

Take care of yourself and holler if I can help!

Alana said...

Oh, OUCH! I can understand the embarassment too. All that for a bruise?!!! But bruises hurt; hey it really is internal bleeding - THAT'S what you can tell people! :D

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

That sounds awful!

Debbi said...

Ha. your last line kills me. lol..

APES said...

Susan, all I could think of as I read this was your slow-motion fall during Gym Riots. I had this cheesy Rescue 911 dramatization going on in my head the whole time, and you were narrating it in a southern accent like the lady that said " that alligator's got a kid in its mouth". Seriously, your injury sounds SUPER painful and embarrassing. All I can say better never tease me about the Fairbairns trampoline ever again!

Anonymous said...

I love how yu wrote Edmonton, Alberta, Canada... it kind of sounds like 3 separate places if you don't know much about the provinces.... Feel better!

Jenn and Nate

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