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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Suze is still on Percocet

Susan asked me to write a short entry to let everyone know what is going on and how she is going. The following post isn't for the faint of heart. I'm holding off on pictures until Susan is able to look at and approve me posting them.

It's been almost 3 weeks since her leg has gotten stuck and those three weeks have included a 2nd trip to the ER (her leg became very infected and even though she was on antibiotics it continued to get worse) In the ER they did an ultra sound and discovered a large mass of what they thought was blood/puss in her calf that was all infected. The doctor decided to cut her leg open enough to drain it out. I watched it was pretty cool for those who know me really well will probably not even believe it because I have such a week stomach. So I got to watch as he dug around and after it didn't really drain he started poking around with tweezers and started pulling out blood clots. At this point he realized that it wasn't just going to bleed out and decided to put a drain in her leg ie some flexible plastic tubing they shove in there to give the blood and gunk a path to get out and to keep the wound open so it can drain.

Her leg isn't really draining with the tube and is still red, infected and painful. We are referred to another doctor an Orthopedic who came to look at her leg while she was in the ER. He sends her for a MRI on her leg and then when we follow up in a few days we decide that the best option at this point is to have surgery on her leg to remove it.

That brings us up to today. Susan when in for surgery and the doctor was able to clean it all out of her leg. In talking to the doctor after the operation he said it had spread up and down her leg quite a bit and the blood clot was pretty much like jelly. In holding up his hands to show me how much he cleaned out it was about the size of two softballs of stuff. So Susan is suppose to be bedridden and off her leg until next Tuesday.

And now you know the rest of the story.


Sarah said...

Oh man, that sounds painful! Poor Suze. You guys will be in my prayers.

Maggie Muggins said...

I freaked out in my head when I read that the best option was surgery to "remove it". I thought it meant to remove her leg. Yikes. I'm relieved to know they were able to clean it out, but I too will be praying.

Chesney said...

im sorry that you had to have surgery, but i hope you feel better soon now that they got the junk out. i may be wierd, but i want to see pictures. let us know if you need anything!!!

Alana said...

So I thought her leg had to be removed for a second too... Whew! Oh, man, that is disgusting! And it was supposed to be only bruising!!! I hope all the infection is gone for sure now and you can get better!

tonksfam said...


Debbi said...

are you better yet, Suze?

*Danette said...

I bet now she's wishing in her previous post she hadn't complained about it being "just a bruise". Poor thing! Well wishes your way!

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