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Friday, April 4, 2008

Last day of vacation...

All these years of "officially" being unemployed since quitting my full-time job in August of 2004, I've never felt any guilt being a stay-at-home-wife. Dan's let me have a good rest period before we had kids. He's always said, "It's your vacation time, until the kids come".

Well my family & friends, today has been my last official day of vacation, cause....

Tomorrow we bring home our girls for good!

Before you get too excited, let me explain a few things. We don't have custody of the girls yet. No paperwork has been filed with the courts, but all the adults (birth mom, foster mom & us) feel like this is the time to move them permanently and they are FULLY ready.

It's been a long road. But it's been worth it! Those two little girls have been meant to be in our home from the moment I heard about their birth mom at the begining of January. I've known it in my heart and this is just proof that Our Father in Heaven speaks to us through the Gift of the Holy Ghost and he will let us know the truth!

I can also say I've felt the joys and pains of a pregnancy, labor and post pardum depression. Anyone who ever says adoption is the "easy way" of getting children, can go shove their hands in a meat grinder! They have no idea what we've been through and only those who've been through adoption can understand. Even adopting toddlers is WAY more difficult emotionally that an unless you've been through what we've been through, don't even say you know how we feel. (I hope that didn't sound too bitter)

I truly am grateful for all those people who've sent thoughts & prayers on our behalf through all this. It's so appreciated, even though I can't send an email back to you personally. Please keep them coming, we still need them till it's all finished.

The journey is still not over.....but it's nearing the end!

Our girls are coming home!


Unknown said...

Oh Susan that is WONDERFUL!! I am so happy for you and your family. You will be a great mom and I sure hope you enjoyed that vacation of yours cause you will NEVER have one again. tee hee.

Look forward to meeting the girls one day.


Anonymous said...

Susan, I am so excited for you! What a wonderful thing that is happening to you and your family. This may even sound a little crazy but ever since I first saw the girls I thought they looked like Dan and were meant for you two. Congratulations!

Amanda Nilsson

Anonymous said...

Somehow I've been looking for updates on the wrong site and was somewhat behind on the exciting news. I think that it is truly a blessing for your daughters to have adults that care about them to recognize that they are ready to transition and to make it less complicated for them. Of course it's confusing and stressful when habits, routines, places, people and surroundings change. How amazing and strong you are for providing stability, affirmation and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (plus electronic chickens) to these beautiful girls. You make a great family - congratulations and kudos!

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