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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Now That's What I Call Spontaneity!

Spontaeous (spon/tay/nee/uss)

  1. arising from internal cause: resulting from internal or natural processes, with no apparent external influence

  2. arising from impulse: arising from natural impulse or inclination, rather than from planning or in response to suggestions from others

  3. unrestrained: naturally unrestrained or uninhibited


That's the word that I would use to describe our weekend. Dan bought our family tickets to be a part of a Battle Sail a couple of Saturdays ago. I thought it was a fun and exciting idea, until I found out it was in Port Angeles.

*Wait a sec.....isn't that like, 3 hours away?

Dan had no idea. Poor guy.

So the night before we left, we had just finished dinner and we decided to map out our trip the next day. Not only is it a couple of hours drive by car, you also have to take a 30 min ferry ride.

It was 7pm Friday night. That's when Dan said, "Do you wanna leave tonight?"

Of course I said, "HECK YEAH!"

I love spontaneity.....especially in Dan.

I packed up bags and we got in the car to leave a half hour later. We were on a total high! It was awesome.

We arrived in a town called Sequim (pronounced S'qwim......I always thought it was Se'queem.....shows what I know!) at about 11:30pm. The kids were in and out of consciousness and thanks to Mountain Dew & Dr. Pepper, we made it in one piece.......barely. Dan and I were both so tired! It was WAY past our bedtime!

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Sequim. The following day we slept till our hearts desired then headed down to the hotel lobby for breakfast. We then took a family swim (my first time in over a year, cause of my leg!), then packed up and left for our family adventure.

On our way to Pt Angeles, we stopped at The Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, the coolest place ever! I will post pictures and tell of our adventures in another post.


Rachel Cotterill said...

I love spontaneous trips - and this sounds like a fun weekend :)

Visiting to welcome you to SITS!

Suze said...

Welcome Rachel!

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