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Monday, May 3, 2010

Olympic Game Farm

Continuing on from our spontaneous adventures, and to bring light to some of the photo clues I posted, we bring you to our stop at the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.

I grew up going to the Vancouver Game Farm (now known as the Greater Vancouver Zoo), so I thought this "game farm" was going to be the same sorta know......see animals....all in cages.....your typical zoo-type atmosphere.

This was not the case....

Who knew that we lived 3 hours away from our very own safari adventure!?!

This place is the coolest ever and I highly recommend you to visit if you can. You pretty much drive around the farm, as animals either walk up to your car, or are no more than a stone's throw away from you at all times. It's so neat!

At the entrance they sell you bread to feed the animals. Seriously who's stupid enough to do that? We definitely weren't. But we saw other people doing it and it was so funny to watch the animals all hoarding the cars for food.

Anyways here's a few pictures of some of the animals we saw:

Prairie Dogs
These little guys are THE cutest things ever.......and I want one!



Kodiak Bears


And last but not least

the Ferocious.....



Common House Dog

I laughed my head off when I saw this behind one of the cages they used for the more dangerous animals, like the Wolves, Tigers & Lions. It was obviously someone that worked there's pet. But it was still funny and so I tried to take a picture of it.

We were actually surprised that the bears weren't behind a more secure fence. They had about 3 ft high of fencing surrounding another 3 ft high of electrical fence. I kept imagining the bears on a rampage and saying, "Screw the electric fence, I'm outta here!"............but they didn't.

Anyways this game farm was the highlight of my weekend and I was so glad that we got to explore part of Sequim.....even if we almost missed our ship's sailing.

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