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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Staycation From Hell

Staycation (stay/kay/shun)
(Urban Dictionary Defenition)

  1. A vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer

  2. A vacation spent close to home

A few weeks ago, Dan and I had the pleasure of farming our kids out for the weekend so that we could fulfill our dreams of actually having a "honeymoon". We've never had one. When we got married we had a honeymoon planned, but it never happened.

Le'mee es'playn sum'ssing Loossee

One of my clients gave us a wedding present, of a week long stay at her family's vacation home, on the shores of the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. It was going to be perfect! Dan and I planned our sealing at the temple to be one week before our wedding reception, so that we could separate the two occasions and make it more meaningful. Well that week in between was to be our "honeymoon" getaway.

It didn't happen.

Dan got sick on our wedding day and then a couple of days later I got sick. Needless to say, we cancelled our trip.

Sucked BIG time!

Anyways we've never redeemed ourselves with a "getaway", until this weekend that we planned to be away from the girls. I planned a great weekend full of fun and relaxation. We'd planned two days at the spa, eating at our favorite restaurants and a night out on the town. It was perfect.

The morning of the spa day we headed out for breakfast first. On the way there I had a flash of heat to my head. After checking with Dan to see if he felt the same way, I realized that I did not feel well. When we got to the restaurant I felt better, but started to feel worse in a different way.

To make a long story short, I started having severe pelvic pain. After being at the restaurant for about an hour (and spending about 45 minutes of it in the bathroom in agonizing pain), I asked Dan to take me to the ER. I consider myself to have a high pain tolerance and for me to ask Dan to take me to the place that I dread most, meant that I was in serious, health concerning, pain.

The ER got me right in. Gave me pain meds & anti-nausea meds. Took CT scan (I had to down two bottles of this NASTY contrast drink) and then the doc did pelvic exam.....

Didn't find a thing.

They told me to take it easy, the rest of the weekend and then follow up with my doctor and that was that. The pain had gone and I was feeling a bit more like myself. We missed the spa and had to cancel our next day appointment. We cancelled our dinner reservations and gave away our tickets to a comedy show (Larry Miller) to my friend Cheri & her husband.

I was so depressed. I felt really bad that I had ruined our home vacation. Of course my dear husband (Mr. Positive) saw the bright side of everything and still claimed to have had a great weekend, I still was feeling horrible about it.

On a happy note and to bring you up to speed, I did follow up with my doctor...

(*Please stop reading, if you don't want too much information)

She informed me that the pain that I had, was my body ovulating.

Excuse me as I jump for joy.......... *JUMP!

For those of you not acquainted with my body yet, this has never happened least not that has been recorded. I was referred to a fertility clinic for this reason.

So in the end our little weekend adventure turned out to be not so bad. Although we missed out on our planned activities, Dan and I had a good break from the kids and we were still able to make the best of the weekend.

Although I'm still lamenting over the loss of my Paradise Stone Massage.....


I highly recommend the Oasis Spa & Salon in Woodinville, WA

They're the best!.....especially if you work for M$. You get a great discount ;)


*Danette said...

Congrats on your "egg"! Isn't it funny how we get excited about some things that are "normal" to others! = )

Suze said...

Thanks Danette! It was pretty exciting...."normal" people totally take it for granted! ;)

Sarah said...

Woo hoo!!!! Way to ovulate, Suze!

Suze said...

Well, you know.....some one's gotta do it ;)

Jennifer Moneymaker Owens said...

Sooooo, wait a minute? Are you on meds that help you to ovulate or something? AND....if so (or if not), did you take advantage of this ovulation...wink wink?? ;)

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