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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life School

I was playing a game with the girls this morning.

Since it's a game about school, it has a space that you land on, that you have to pick up a Report Card.

Well Desiree landed on this spot.......and forgetting what it was called, named it a "Credit Card".

Goes to show you what real life education she's been getting lately.


Amanda said...

I've tried calling you a few times now, but your number is ALWAYS busy! Im thinking of having people meet at Lee's grandparents house, then go from there because I dont trust Lee to choose a place and stay with that. Anyways, I'll keep trying to call you!

Suze said...

What # have you been calling??? I've been out all day, so it shouldn't have rung busy. Weird.

Anyways I will call you tonight, if that's okay with you and Lee won't be home.

So were you talking Friday or Saturday night? We need to plan where we're staying and our plans for the weekend, since we're trying to pack in all the visiting we can get, and since we'll be between White Rock (where my parents live) and Vancouver (where my dad & Marcia live) and Langley for the open house and only Abby for Lee's birthday dinner, then we need to plan WAY ahead.

You know it's funny, but ever since you mentioned going out to dinner, I just figured it would be Sushi at Sui Sha Ya. Or maybe we can go to Dake? Oh man I'm totally craving the sushi!!! Desiree is a total sushi nut. Although they call it SHU-SHEE.

Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...


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