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Monday, April 19, 2010

Changing Lives ~ One Person At A Time

Who'da thought my blog would do someone any good?

Well it just so happens that it did just that.

I posted this a while ago about my new blender and how even my girls love healthy smoothies. Well after reading this post, Cheryl over at made a comment:

So first, I was like, "brussel sprouts with grapes? yuck!" Then, I saw your kids enjoying it and I had to stop to reconsider. Isn't it funny how our point of view changes so quickly when we see someone else do something that we thought was unlikely or impossible?.... I've been having trouble adding in enough fresh vegetables lately. You've given me new resolve to try making smoothies at home. Wow! What if your post actually gave me a way to get my 5 servings of veggies every day? I have some carrots - I'll see what my regular blender does with them. Here's to good health! :D ....What if I really made eating brussel sprouts a habit? If your little girl liked it, surely I can manage it? I'll accept the challenge (gulp - or should I say slurp?)

....OK, I just made my first smoothie! I think your blender probably is more powerful than mine. But I managed to make a carrot-apple-cranberry juice smoothie! Now, need to go shopping for brussel sprouts, broccoli and oranges. I think you may have solved a my "not enough fresh veggies" problem. Thanks for showing your kids enjoying their smoothies. That worked to put me in action. Look at you, making the world a healthier place, one heart at at time :D

So after reading that, I felt pretty darn good about my post and how it might've changed just one person's life. I didn't really take her seriously. I mean, no offense, I didn't know her personally and how was I to know she was serious?

Well she was. She even wrote a post about it here.

I'm so glad that I can eat healthier by using my blender to add more fruits and veggies into mine and my kids lives. I'm especially glad that I was able to influence even one person as well.



Jane said...

Good job with the whole inspiring people thing. It feels good to get positive feedback eh? Now as to your question, "what the heck are you doing driving to Texas for?" Well, my husband, Ken, has to go there for a training rotation (oil and gas engineering) and me and the small boy-child are tagging along. We'll be there for six very hot and humid months.

Jonathan and Cheri said...

Uhhhh, you changed me too . . . after forcing me to try it and after I promised you I would NOT be drinking more than a sip! It IS tasty - amazing and now I'm sold on only buying a blendtec for myself - no chunks =) hehe

Maggie Muggins said...

That's awesome. I have yet to try it, but seeing as my son is stealing all my food these days it's on my list to try.

Suze said...

You all are makin' a girl cry! (*tear)

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