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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I don't know what to write other than I'm bored.

My surgery went well. Pretty much all I've done since last week is sit in bed with my leg up, watching all sorts of movies and TV shows and livin' the life.


Isn't it strange when you get to do absolutely nothing at all....all you wish to do is something?

It's seriously driving me insane.

It's total déjà vu, from 9 months ago, except with different surroundings (a different house/bedroom, etc...)

To tell you the truth it's a bit freaky that this has been officially 9 months since the drama due to my injury, began.

9 months of agony
9 months of pain
9 months of depression
9 months of discomfort
9 months of MY LIFE!......wasted

Anyways I'm just feelin' pretty crappy right now and all I know to do is blog about it.....cause it's my way of venting.

I did have my post-op with my doctor and he'll see me in another week to get the stitches out. But for now doctor's orders are to stay off my leg.



Sarah said...

That stinks!!!

Amanda said...

Its like being pregnant! Muhahaha! Except the wasted part.

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

I'm sorry this is still dragging out.

I get what you mean about depression. When I injured my knee last spring, it plunged me into a depression. It is SO frustrating to not be able to move without pain.

I hope your recovery goes well!

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