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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who knew my kids had such a sick since of humor

I'm dropping Susan off at the dentist this morning and then going to Sultan to shoot for bit before I have to pick her up. As I'm heading out to the garage our oldest asks me "Are you going shooting today" "Yes", "What are you going to shoot", "Pumpkins." I have a dozen or so squash and pumpkins in the garage from last summer. When I come back in the house in all seriousness our youngest tells me "Daddy 'D' doesn't want to be killed" At which point she reminds me her nick name is pumpkin. Wasn't talking about you. Remember we don't shoot people blah blah. I suppose I should be glad that at least she understands that if you shoot people they die. After I come back downstairs I ask my oldest did you really think I was going to shoot you. "No" "Were you just playing with me" I asked her. "Yes" she laughs. Apparently my daughter has a very twisted since of humor.

1 comment:

NaDell said...

That's a funny story, Dan. At least she didn't just feel bad and not tell you to give you a chance to explain. Sometimes little girls (and some boys too) do that and you don't know what happened to them.
Take good care of Susan, especially as she comes off her drugs. =)

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