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Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Just Another Manicure Monday (Woa-oo-woa)

No I don't get manicures every Monday....but I did today.
Was it selfish?
Was it worth it?
Do my nails look awesome?
As awesome as they can I guess. (I chose a really dark, semi-sparkly blue)
Did it totally ruin the experience, having my two kids tag along?
Oh heck yeah.
But am I glad I did it?
Yes. Yes. and YES!

This whole going in for surgery crap has really gotten me down lately. I did some more shopping this morning at The Village and ran into a friend which was really nice (Hey Alli!). So that cheered me up a bit. But as I was heading home and picking up my mail I decided I wanted to treat myself to a manicure. I wish it were a pedicure, but the whole, hole in my leg thing kinda puts a damper on things down there. Can't soak my feet, for fear of getting the bandage wet. And half the pedicure is the massage and I can't exactly feel anything on the inside of my right leg anyways (it's still numb from my injury.....yeah I know.....ew gross.....well, at least I think it is), so that totally ruins things. So a mani it was. I went to my old nail salon, from when I used to live in Redmond. They don't do the greatest of jobs, but they're cheap and it was an old place, with people who recognized me and that made me feel good. It's kinda like walking into know....the place "where every body knows your naay-ay-ame (dun dun dun) and they're always glad you caay-ay-ame (dun dun dun)". Okay that's enough of the Cheers theme song.

But my point was that I needed to feel the love. (It worked)

Are you getting me?

Well.....I'm needin' to feel the love and a great way to do that is, if you're reading this post, leave a comment. Even if you don't know me and are reading this blog for the first time, leave a comment.

Show me the love!


Sarah said...

I am excited to hear about full pampering in the near future! :-D

NaDell said...

I love that you took your girls with you. I'm sure they'll remember that.
PS. I tried to comment yesterday, but my computer froze up and I didn't restart until just now. =)

SnowAngel said...

*hugs* here's your love :)

Chesney said...

yeah no one ever comments on my blog. heres some love!!!

JenG said...

You deserve great nails! I'm glad you took some time to get them done.

Amanda said...

Hey Pretty Lady!

I love reading your blog and I am sorry to hear about your leg!
Where abouts are you living now? I am going to be down in Issaquah the second week of March and I would love to meet up!

Big Hugs and Love coming your way!


Suze said...

Hey yourself Amanda!

I would love to see you! We're in Duvall. It's about 20-30 min NE of Issaquah. Email me privately and we'll go over details.

Suze said...

Thanks for the "love" my friends.

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