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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Giving Mommy A Heart Attack

I had a very worrisome conversation with my 4 yr old yesterday. If any of you have had kids cut their own hair, or know someone who has, or like me-you've fixed some kids hair that they've cut themselves, you'll know the agony and despair that this simple act can bring on a mother.

So you won't blame me for being a little distraught and worried about the words my youngest daughter and I exchanged (and included is the internal conversation I was having with myself):

K: Mommy?

Me: Yes sweetheart?

K: Does big kids cut hair?

Me: (*Oh crap. Oh crap....she cut something, didn't she! Where on earth did she get scissors? Oh no! It must've been when I was cutting paper earlier and I left them out! Okay....stay calm and we'll figure it out) Uh…....only if they're an adult. Why sweetie? (*Please say you didn't cut your sister's hair. PLEASE say you didn't cut your sister's hair!)

K: 'Cause I was pretending to be Ellie and she was gonna cut Care Bear's hair.

Me: (*Oh! Thank the Maker! She's such a good girl! Good girl!) Oh, well it’s okay if you PRETEND to cut hair, just as long as you don’t use real scissors. (Get that sister? You ever touch real scissors to hair and I'll......oh thank goodness she didn't cut anyone's hair!)

I know. I'm weird. But it was a funny conversation to me and I just had to share.


NaDell said...

Hey, at least you have experience fixing hair, right? Invest in headbands if it happens. =)

Chesney said...

what a little cutie!!!

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