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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Weekend Getaway To The Marriot Hotel

It was the perfect day.

Spending the day shopping with my family.
(Okay so any day that includes shopping at any time of day is perfect)

Had a visit with my parents.
Got to show them my early Christmas present.
(I will post about that later)

It also was the perfect evening.

The girls had a babysitter.
Dan and I went on a double date with our best friends.
Had AWESOME BBQ at Mr Moo's.
Found Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato in the freezer section at QFC's.
Looking forward to an evening of killing bunnies.

We came home.
I waited in the car to drive the babysitter home.
I dropped her off.
Came back home and walked up the steps to my front door.

That's odd.....I smell gas.
(and had nothing to do with the contents of anyone's stomach)

I opened up the front door and got an even bigger waft of a gas smell. As I said out loud the words, "Do you guys smell...." I got cut off by everyone (Dan, Jim & Sarah), "YES, you smell gas".

Okay. So should I be glad that I wasn't the only one who smelled it, or should that be a sign of discomfort?

While I was dropping off the babysitter, Dan aired out the downstairs where the kitchen and gas stove are. The girls were upstairs getting ready for bed.

Dan called PSE to tell them of the problem.

10 min to 2 hours before we can get out there.

Well that's comforting!

After about 15-20 min the smell wasn't disappearing, but seemed to be getting worse. Especially upstairs, where the girls sleep.

Change of plans girls. You're not going to bed anymore. You get to watch a show downstairs!

Yay! Scooby Doo!
(My girls are obsessed with Scooby Doo)

After about another 5 minutes Sarah suggested we call 911.

Good plan Sarah, seeing as her and I were starting to feel a little light headed.

So what'd 911 say?

Get out of the house you idiots!

Well they never called us idiots, but they should've. That should've been a "Duh!" moment for all of us, but you know when you're in the situation, you never really think about it.

So we gathered up the girls and told them we were gonna go hang out in the car, (I wonder what was going through their little heads. I know if it was me at their age, I would be freakin' out thinking it was the end of the world, but keeping it all inside and letting the anxiety build up and then still having issues about it years later when I'm an adult).

After about 5 minutes we could hear the sirens of the fire trucks coming through our neighborhood. We were wondering what our neighbors were thinking.

Not them again! That family is just FULL of drama!
(If you're wondering what I'm referring to, fret no more. Read here)

The firemen arrived in full gear and gas masks even. After making sure everyone was okay and figuring out was was up, they went inside to check the air.

I'll spare you the details, but it was quite the ordeal that attracted the attention of our friends and neighbors.

I tell ya, if there's ever a problem God sure knows who to send. My neighbor down the street (and a member of our ward) was driving home from a youth conference and followed one of the fire trucks to our house. (Oh yeah, did I mention there were 2 fire trucks? One came all the way from Redmond. They said they had nothing better to do) She offered to take the girls to her house, while we figured things out, to which we said, For Sure!

Then the Bishop's wife was driving by and she alerted her husband, who sent another member of the Bishopric to our house to check on us to make sure we were okay.

We felt very loved by our Father in Heaven.

Anyways to make things worse, the firemen insisted that I get checked out, cause I had said that I felt light headed when I was inside.

I guess so.

I climbed into the fire truck with their assistance. I kept saying how embarrassed I felt that they were doing this (Uh, leg situation?) and one of the fireman spoke up and said, "Yeah, I've seen you before. You don't remember? I helped lift you up from the deck".

My night couldn't have gotten worse.
I joked that I just like the attention.
He laughed.
I turned as red as the fire truck.

Anyways after the FD & the PSE guy were finished they couldn't find anything that indicated a leak in a gas pipe. They figured that the stove was accidentally left on for that gas to have leaked through. They told us it was totally safe to sleep there that night.

Well we weren't taking our chances. Dan and I both felt like we shouldn't stay home that night, just in case. So we ended up staying a night in the Marriot at RTC.

We came home Sunday morning, after spending a sleepless night in a hotel, (Dan's back hurt and I had to sleep with my youngest daughter, who talks and practices her kickboxing techniques while she sleeps) and the house was fine. But we have no regrets of staying safe that night.

So anyways that was our drama for this month. Hope you enjoyed this story. Stay tuned for another moving saga.....with a happy ending!


Erekson's said...

You have all the fun! Glad everything was fine in the end.

JenG said...

Sounds exciting! I can't believe it was the same firefighter! I'm glad that you all are safe.

Candice said...

I love how the firefighter remembered you. You must have made an impression. I love how you can make all of us laugh at your many adventures!

Chesney said...

fun stuff. at least you got to stay in a nice motel!!! glad it all turned out okay

Karen said...

i was gonna grill you on why we had to postpone chior... i'll take this as a replacement! Life is an adventure eh?

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