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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Girl's Night Out???

Gee Suze. I thought you were going to blog more, now that you're off Facebook.

Well the report is that our household has been "under the weather" for almost a week now. The big bad bout of it was over the weekend, when it hit ME.

Dan's got bronchitis.

I've got who knows what.

Deborah (Dan's sis, who lives with us, along with her baby girl) came home from visiting friends and sounded like she was about to hack up a lung.

So Dan's been working from home for a few days and so my time to blog has been cut down. He's back to work this week, hence why I'm back.

Anyways Monday night as we're all hacking and gagging, my sis-in-law starts wheezing pretty badly. After a few days of insisting she see a doctor (it's like telling a teenager what to do........I'm NEVER right. Right?) and as she's struggling for breath, I TOLD her that I was taking her to the ER.

She didn't argue.

So it was about 10:30pm as we drove to the hospital (this would be my 2nd time there that day......the Wound Clinic that I see 3 times a week is at the hospital, I'll post about it another time). After she got checked in and she got a room (about 10-15 minutes after we arrived) and was told to change into a gown. Now in "normal" ER-ness you have to sit in the room and wait which seems like forever to even see a doctor. Well it was no more than 5 minutes from when we arrived in that room to when both a nurse AND the doctor came into the room. That was a record for sure. They were obviously concerned.

Anyways they got her breathing better and we spent a standard 3-4 hours total at the ER. We chilled and watched TV & chatted for a few hours and then she ended up being told that she didn't have the flu or pneumonia and was sent home with drugs to help her feel better.

On our drive out of the hospital I said to Deborah that we sorta had a Girl's Night Out, but next time we'll choose a better spot than the ER to hang out together.

I'm just glad that she's better and that despite the crazy night, I had an awesome time with my sister-in-law.

Love you Debwa!


Sarah said...

Man, I hope you're all completely healthy soon!

SnowAngel said...

Aww! Love you too!

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