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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Double Duty

For those of you that don't know this about me already, I teach the 4th Sunday Relief Society lesson, in my ward. Well I also am in charge of the music in Sacrament meeting, leading the music and ward choir, but that's another story.

Anyways this last Sunday that passed, was a day I like to call "The Susan Show".


"The Susan Show" is not actually a show per say, but when Susan is slapped into a spotlight she's not necessarily comfortable with (exception being anything doing with music) and especially when that show lasts through almost every session of a 3 hour block of church, then it becomes known as, "The Susan Show".

Last Wednesday night Dan and I got a call from someone in the Bishopric asking us if we would give talks on Sunday. Dan's answer:

"Well, short notice, means a short talk"

Obviously when the Bishopric was deciding who should speak on Sunday, the regretfully forgot that the better half of the Price couple had to also teach a Relief Society class that same Sunday.

Did I complain though?


Would I rather have stuck hot needles in my eye?

Probably not, but the idea was tempting.

Did I still fulfill my duty?

Of course I did, cause nothing says Suze better than stressful situations.

Both talk and lesson when well, by the way. Even though I HIGHLY DESPISE getting up to the podium and speaking to a couple of hundred people who barely know me about things they know a heck of a lot more than I do. Plus getting up there and saying stuff that to me, TOTALLY doesn't even make sense and getting flubbered and flustered about what I'm saying and not really knowing how or where my talk was going. Oh yeah, that's always good eh? Not to mention the breaks and pauses for, (thinking to myself)"okay....where am I going with this?" or the blubbering idiot, tearing up and crying because of sharing personal things that made me wanna cry and blubber, even though I HIGHLY DESPISE crying and blubbering like an idiot in front of people!

It felt nice that random people were coming up to me afterwards saying what a great talk it was. I wouldn't know, cause I have no idea what I said. But the most important part of the whole thing was that the Spirit was present. Since Dan and I's talk were about the Holy Ghost, that was all I cared about. That the Spirit be there, during our talks, to speak for us and tell each individual in that congregation that what we were speaking about was true.

My lesson went equally as well. Not because anything I said or did, but because the Spirit was there. Testifying.

Will I ever do a lesson & a talk in the same day again?


Would I much rather sing a solo to a couple thousand people I don't know, than to give a talk to a couple hundred people I sort of know or a lesson to 20+ Relief Society sisters I mostly know?


Trust me, "The Susan Show" isn't that spectacular. I personally don't like it. It will never win an Emmy. It will never be mentioned in a People or US magazine. But when "The Susan Show" gets a chance to shine like the stage star that she out America!

1 comment:

Chesney said...

i teach 4th sunday too!!! i had to miss last week though due to sick kids. im sure your talk and lesson were great.

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