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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Healing Power of the Priesthood

I was supposed to sing in Sacrament (church) meeting 2 weeks ago and then I forgot. So then I was to do it today. Well on Tuesday I started getting a sore throat and I'm like, "Great! I think I'm getting sick!"

Well I did get sick (pretty much just a head cold) and it's been a horrible week. Even Dan got sick the same night I did, which is a rare occasion, cause we're not normally sick at the same time at all. So pretty much we've been two miserable people this whole week and our poor children (and dishes) were highly neglected. (I mean c'mon, two sick parents? Those poor little ones did nothing but watch shows, play outside and in their room....rough life, but someone has to live it!). Anyways I started to feel a bit better after Wednesday and I thought I was on the mend, until Thursday hit and I realized this was something that was going to be around for a while.

So looking ahead to my weekend I was having a GNO (Girl's Night Out) party at my house on Friday and my in-laws were coming for the weekend, on Saturday, so I pretty much had to get my body on the mend for all that. Right?

Well my body semi-agreed with my brain; as I took multi-vitamins and extra immunity boosters, it started to look like I was going to be okay. But no matter what I did, I just wasn't going to lick this sickness!

I wanted so desperately to sing on the Sunday I was supposed to, cause not only were my in-laws going to be there, but I just really, REALLY, wanted to! (*insert stomping foot)

As I went to go practice with my accompanist, it went......"okay"........definitely not my best, but enough to pass the song off as "good enough" to present its message and invite the Spirit. I knew at the moment of rehearsing that I needed some divine intervention and no amount of prayer would have me sing like an angel, come Sunday morning.

So I enlisted in the help of two of God's servants, who hold the power of God.

*side note....

***To read more about my beliefs and about the Priesthood of God go here.***

So Saturday night I asked my husband and my father in-law for a blessing of healing, so that I would be able to sing my best in the morning. The Spirit was so strong and the words of the blessing so beautiful.

(not a direct quote, however pretty darn close) ...I would be healed from my sickness and be able to sing and that the Spirit would be present to give the message the song had for everyone....

So, of course Priesthood blessings require the faith to be healed by the power of God, so I tried to have as much faith as possible, cause I didn't want to fail myself or the beautiful song I was to sing.

However this morning I expected to feel a lot better than how I did and my faith began to waiver. My voice was gruff and my throat was lined with a pesky wall of mucus. (hey I'm trying my best to paint you a lovely picture, alright?) Again, my faith was shaky. As I was hacking and gagging up phlegm, I tried to so hard to keep my trust in the Lord and not of my obviously sick body and to have the confidence that I could sing that day. I even thought that I should stay home, cause I was most definitely "too sick" to go to church today. Until I remembered that I wouldn't be able to be "healed" from my sickness and be able to sing, if I didn't show up to do it at all. I knew I wouldn't be able to witness a miracle, if I didn't allow a miracle to happen. So I knew I needed to go to church.

I went to run through my song, just before heading off to church. It definitely sounded better despite having the above mentioned irritations and I decided I would be content with the sound of my voice; although not perfect, it was going to be "good enough" and I was satisfied.

Now those of you who don't know this, I lead the music in our Sacrament meetings (it's one of my callings {responsibilities} at church) and even leading the congregation in song, my voice began to crackle. Even as I sat on the bench waiting for the speaker to be done so that I could get up and sing, I was even having a sneezing fit. There was something in the air and in my throat, that was causing me to sneeze, (and sneeze loudly! Yikes!). I was starting to get a little nervous. I don't usually get nervous, but more anxious and this was not was NERVES! Even though I knew I still needed to have faith that everything would be taken care of, I still felt my trust in the Lord slowly going to trusting in the arm of the flesh - even though I KNOW that it's not what I should do. I needed a miracle and it was the only way it was going to save me now. Then I remembered the words of my blessing.....

I would be healed from my sickness and be able to sing...

***Insert the "A-ha" moment****

Not that I would be healed from my sickness......but that I would be healed long enough to sing and let the Spirit of the Lord, carry the message I was giving through song. Well that was the miracle I needed and it was the miracle I received. I got up to sing and all in a moment, I felt like myself again. I couldn't have asked to have sung it any better. I sung better than I had in the earlier rehearsals and when the high notes came up, I didn't crackle (at least not that I noticed). All I was concerned about was the song and the words. My sickness had put itself on hold for me, for that moment. I couldn't have been more content.

After the meeting was over, I started to feel my sickness again. As I sit here and type this, I feel horrible. My voice is gruff and my sinuses are getting stuffy again. But I know that a miracle happened today for me. I wouldn't have seen it, if I had not put my faith in the power of a Priesthood Blessing. I'm so grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I'm grateful that I have the talent to bless others through song. I'm grateful that I have a husband who holds the power of God in his hands. Today I'm just plain grateful! Happy Sabbath day everyone!

BTW Here are the words to the song I sang:

A Prayer From The Heart
by Lex De Azevedo
My Father, who are in heaven
I feel the need to pray
My soul is filled
My joy has spilled thru all my thoughts today
Thou knowest my faults and weakness
And yet have loved me still
Through thee I see the strength in me
And all I can fulfill
Lord, my heart sings thee Hosanas
And my spirit sings thy praise
It's a song of love and reverence
I'll sing thee all my days
Thru sunlight and thru the shadows
I've known that thou wast there
And for my sake I've felt thee take
All the things I could not bare
And when all my work is finished
If I live worthily
Then face to face we can embrace
When I come home to thee


Sarah said...

Great story! I've had miracle singing moments like that too. I was getting sick as I was asked to sing for Deb's funeral and I said yes anyway. I sounded horrible when I talked, but Matt said he couldn't tell I had a cold at all when I sang. I was so grateful for that.

tonksfam said...

We sang in Sacrament meeting yesterday too! Though it probably didn't sound as well as you :) It's moments like the one you had that makes all we go through to wait for these worthy priesthood holders worth it, isn't it.

Speaking of which, is this the only way you'll sing in front of Dan? ;)

Chesney said...

what a cool story. the Priesthood works. i want to hear you sing sometime!

Ryan and Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing that Susan. I truly miss hearing you sing. Though I do remember a bit of some...Mariah Carey in my car.
You really do have a beautiful gift, thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.
Oh and the words to that song really touched me. Beautiful.

fawndear said...

Touching Story! I love those tender little miracles.
So sorry I wasn't there to hear your song.

Rachel Ann Nunes said...

Great story! Reminds me a little of what happened to my daughter once when she had to sing in church. Wish she would have thought to ask for a blessing! Thanks for letting me know about Facebook. I wish you well in your decluttering. :-)

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