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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baring Teeth For Twilight

For a few weeks now, my teeth have been giving me grief. I had a crown placed on one of my bottom tooth a few months ago and now it was getting more painful, especially if I had something cold touch it.

A couple of days ago, the pain was getting more severe, so I decided to call my dentist. When I described my symptoms to the office they immediately referred me to an Endotontist. They contacted me with an appointment that day.

Now when I talk about dentists, dentist offices, any type of dentistry I wanna dry heave. So you can imagine my pain & anxiety when I actually have to go see one of these places and one of these people. It also ain't a great time of the month for me, so I was feeling slightly more anxious than normal.....not to mention the emotions of it all.

So when I had to go see this office I wasn't the least bit excited. The Endodontist had to do a "cold test" on my tooth. Um....gee.....I could tell you that when cold hits my tooth by accident, it hurts like a mother. Now you want to purposely put cold on my tooth to "test" it to make sure? Why don't you stick hot needles in my eye for good measure, to see if that hurts, m'kay?

Test was done. I was in tears. (I told you I was emotional right?) I felt like they were judging my wimpiness. In fact I said out loud, "I'm really not a wimp". I feel like I've had my share of pain these past years, with my 2 1/2 year Persistent Daily Headache, my severely sprained ankle that occured during dealing with my headaches, my horrifically painful-on my death bed menstrual cramps, and lately the infamous 3 month long endurance of the "falling through the deck and getting my leg stuck" incident...

Trust me, I'm no wimp when it comes to pain. I've just had to deal with a lot of it and this stOOpid cold test was the straw that broke the camel's back....(*note, I severely despise that saying, only cause it doesn't even make sense to how can a piece of straw-no matter how thick- seriously break a camel's back, let alone ANYONE'S back! C'mon people! I seriously could write a whole blog post about stOOpid sayings.....stay tuned!)

*Okay now where was I....

So it turned out that I needed a root canal. I've never had one of these before, but it's a dental proceedure n0ne the less and like I said before......torture! I've had comfort and relief in the past, knowing about Nitrous Oxide. Boy did that ever save my life! So I figured since I was getting a horrid procedure done, I asked if they had nitrous.

I asked 3 times, on 3 seperate occasions. Did I get any? (I think we can all tell from the bitterness of this email, that NO, I indeed DID NOT recieve the comforts of nitrous!)

Anyways before the procedure they asked if I would like to watch a show. Sure I said (but where's my NITROUS!.......that's what I was thinking). I looked at the list of movies they had and at first glance they had nothing I was even remotely interested in. I almost puked at the long list of Harry Potter movies. (Oh, you're THAT type of office, eh?!). Then at second glance I noticed they had Twilight. Thank the maker!

Saying I watched the movie is an understatement. I pretty much listened to it with my eyes tightly shut; mouth gaping open; listening to crude instruments drill away at my tooth with all their power and might and high pitched screeching. But Twilight got me through, nonetheless.

I left the office feeling violated and robbed of $1500. As I walked back to my car in the parking lot I passed what I assumed was the Endodontist's vehicle. I felt like I had just paid a portion of his monthly car payment to his souped up Porsche.

I still hate dentists! I'm sorry out there to the wives of those I know (wives of : Jeff M., Josh E., Mark C. & Kevin B.). It's nothing personal.


Sarah said...

I'm so grateful I've only had one tiny cavity my whole life. That sounds like a nightmare!

Maggie Muggins said...

Oh Susan. I'm so sorry! I had a root canal within a few months of having our son. I honestly thought the pain that stupid tooth was causing was worse than labor pain. I'm not kidding. I hope the tooth is all better now!

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