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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mealtime Funnies

So I have to say that SO MANY things get lost and never written down. The things Dan and I deem "Blog Worthy" in our day to day life. Well I wasn't going to let this one pass by, cause it was too cute. You just have to know Kayla to get the full effect and no one really knows Kayla's personality except Dan and I cause we see her every day, but she's a total goofball and a nut, but at the sametime she can be so extremely randomly hilariously cute! This was one of those moments. Here's how it went down.

We were eating lunch and Kayla was eating a piece of orange. You have to know that Kayla is at the stage in her life where she's inquisitive. Even if she already knows what something is, she'll still ask and it drives me crazy. So I encourage her to figure it out herself or most times it's her way of her wanting to tell me what something is. Anyways this is how our conversation ended up:

Kayla~ "Mommy, what's that?"

Me~ "What do you think it is?"

Kayla~ "Apple"

Me~ "No....What color is it?"

Kayla~ "Orange"

Me~ "And what does it taste like?"

Kayla~ "Nummy!"

Okay I know I totally set it up to be something totally hilarious, but if you were in the moment, you would've found it funny.

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