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Friday, August 1, 2008

More RE: CRAZY!...

In case you didn't read my post about the woman who was murdered in Redmond, read this first.

Here's an updated news video link from King 5

The more crazy thing about it, is that this morning when they released her name to the press, Dan told me that he knew her and he worked with her when he worked on Gears of War I. It really hit home even more then.

He said he's never known anyone that's been murdered before. Personally I've known 2 in my life and that's 2 too many. I remember the feelings that I went through when I heard the news and it's not like I was terribly close to these two guys, but it was still hard to deal with.

Death is a tragedy no matter who it happens to and although it's a part of life it's it's even more sad and tragic when it happens at the hand of another person.

My heart goes out to the family of Melissa Batten at this time and to all of you who may have dealt with a loss of someone at the hand of another.

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tonksfam said...

Rob and I tend to be a little too enthusiastic about living in "the bad part of town," and laughing about how it doesn't compare to Chicago or LA no matter what anyone around here says. But it was still shocking when a murder happened across the street. I didn't know the people personally, but our dining room windows overlook their apartment building, so I knew all their faces and everyone involved (murdered, murderer, accompliss, everyone). It is quite a shock, isn't it? I'm just glad we understand the Plan of Salvation and what happens after this life and such, especially when life gets weird and things hit a little too close to home.

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