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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Never Too Young For ANNE!

*Because there's always so much more detail to the story that I'm really telling here it goes....

So a couple of days ago I mysteriously felt ill, mid-day..... (and I know what you're all thinking~NO, I'm not pregnant!)

I say mysteriously, cause it went down like this:

I felt fine when I woke up and I was doing my daily chores, when all of a sudden I felt this wave of nausea that caused me to go, "Woa! I don't feel so hot".

This is abnormal to me, cause I don't get nauseated. In fact I refuse to get nauseated! I will hold vomit in if I have's psychological or something......I just hate vomit and I will refuse to make myself sick and therefore I make myself sick. Sick ain't it?

Anyways I'm sure you wanted to hear that.....

But anyways so this wave of nausea hit and I just had to lay down for the rest of the day. So I called Dan and he came home and brought me Ginger Ale (Canada Dry, my good man!) and took the rest of the day off so that he could look after the girls. I pretty much passed out after that for about 3 hours and didn't remember much, except for having the chills and being extremely hot the whole time. I got up and took my temperature and it read over 102. So I called our Microsoft Health line to see what they said I should do and they told me it was probably a virus that I had and to drink lots of fluids and to get lots of rest.


News flash!

How does a mom of two toddlers at home get lots of rest? Husband must alleviate wife, right?

He he....

Well....on this particular "next day" it was near IMPOSSIBLE that Dan could take the day off. (Explanation will come later...I promise)

So we hired a babysitter to come and be with the girls so that I could rest on the couch. It sure did help, but boy did it mess up the girl's routine! They just weren't the same at the end of the day.

Anyways on to today....

I'm feeling better; on the road to recovery, but still not my normal self (this illness is so bizarre I tell ya). So anyways my favorite thing to do when I'm sick is watch Anne of Green Gables. Since Desiree is a little couch potato she of course wanted to watch the show with Mommy, and so did Kayla. But I was honestly surprised that they watched the whole thing with me. I mean it's a 3 hour long show! Of course we took a break in between, but Desiree sat still the whole time and Kayla, who usually doesn't last 10 minutes through any show, sat pretty well through it all.

So it goes to show you that you're just never too young for Anne! They both loved it and they wanted more. I told them that there was another movie, (Anne: the Sequel) but they would have to wait another day to watch it. I'm so glad that they're going to turn into Anne Addicts like their mommy is. Makes me proud! (*tear)


erita said...

i love Anne of green gables. This makes me want to watch it right now (though it's almost 10pm, so i probably shouldn't). glad to hear the little ones are also becoming fans.

hope you feel better soon!

tonksfam said...

"So I called our Microsoft Health line to see what they said I should do and they told me it was probably a virus"...isn't that what Microsoft is always saying? *giggle*

Anywho, YAY for Anne! We have the whole book boxset, and we're slowly working through them. We have an agreement that neither of us can read them by ourselves, so it's taking a while, but it's a lot of fun sharing the experience. It's also a lot of fun being married to a guy who likes these kinds of things (did I ever tell you he dressed up as Mr. Knightly for Halloween once? That's my man!).

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