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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Little TOO Much Fun!

So I discovered this site called and it was a little too addicting tonight cause I just had WAY too much fun with myself. No it's not a porn site or anything. As you can tell by it's name it's got to do something with HAIR and well....anyways what you do is upload a picture of yourself and pretty much what they have is a bunch of celebrity photos and you keep clicking on them and they put them to your face and anyways this was the result of my playing with their site. Some of them were SO amazing that I want to kill for a body like theirs.....well not really, but I'm now seriously motivated to lose weight...well...I was before, but I'm even more so now after seeing what I can actually LOOK LIKE! ....and some of them are simply HILARIOUS! Especially putting my face on guys hair. Ha ha...My personal fav being the "Donald Trump look". LOL.....I'm still laughing to myself! Seriously I can't take the image out of my head! LOL!
Okay now I'll let you look at the pictures. I've named them all too.....of what I thought or who I thought they looked like.

I've broken things down into 3 categories:
  1. The Good

  2. The Bad

  3. And The UUUUGLY!

The Good

This is my "For Reals" pictures cause I thought looked the best out of them all only cause it looked so real. Not that it's my favorite one though....the next one is...

This one's my "Motivation Picture"...cause I hope to look like this one day. I'm going to print this out and hang it up somewhere so I can look at it everyday!

I would never dress this way or show this much cleavage, so I call this the "Boobs" picture, but if I did....I'd look pretty dang hot, eh?

This one's my "Pretty" picture. I feel very pretty in this one. Except for the flaw of the double's flaw of not being properly aligned in the photo and I could only adjust it in the original photo....stupid website!

The Bad

This one's my "Beehive" picture, cause I feel like I look like my mom in the sixties with the beehive hairdo. I seriously look like my mom in the sixties.

This is my "Sum Black Chick With Blond Hair" picture. I know there's some Black actress/rapper chick that has blond hair and I don't know her name, but I know this hair and body belong to anyways that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I look pretty funny don't I?

This one cracks me up, cause I don't know exactly who this hair and body belongs to, but to me it SCREAMS, Jessica this is my "Jessica Simpson" picture. Although I think I'm WAY hotter than her.

I feel like I'm a celebrity that just tried to hard in this picture. This one just turned out all wrong. Ugly hair, bad skin tone....UGH! Anyways it made me laugh.....this is the "Updo Gone Wrong" picture.

I ALMOST named this one "Scary Spice", but I think "Really Bad Big Hair" says it better, don't you think?

You may start laughing.....






The Ugly

I look like some kid from that's why I deem this the "Menudo" picture!

The "Kevin Costner"

The "Ben Stiller"

The "Wil Smith"

and last but certainly not least....

The "Donald Trump"

I hope you've enjoyed these as much as I have. I hope you've laughed as much as I have. I hope you'll try it out, so that I don't seem like a loser and I'm the only one who wastes their time at 10pm when I should be in bed, or trying to finish a book for book club on Wednesday, that I'm only half way through and I'm a busy mom that never gets time to read during the day and the only time to read is now, but what do I do with my time? Waste it on some rediculous site like this and make stupid pictures of myself for the amusement of others. Well people I hope you're happy! You just made me very angry with myself! Grrr.....Oh well at least I have the image of Susonald Trump to keep me laughing through the night!

1 comment:

Marci said...

These are great! I am curious about who that one "Jessica Simpson" one is though. My favorite was the "Really Bad Big Hair"/ "Scary Spice" one.

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