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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Girl's Night The "Twilight Zone"

So a couple of girls from our ward (our "congregation" at church) organized this Girl's Night Out at our local Claim Jumper restaurant....
(Buffalo Head at the front of the restaurant)

....It was based around the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyers, but it was merely an excuse for the ladies to get out and gab about what girls gab about!...and about Edward.....or in Katie's case, about Jacob.

Anyways I had an absolute blast! Thanks ladies for an awesome time! I definitely needed this night out especially after the day I had today....boy did I need it!

Me with Julie & Stephanie

Kathleen & Rachel

Marissa & Heather

Katie & Luciana

Rachel, Jerenda & Paula

The ladies....from my side of the table

The ladies.....from the other side of the table

Me triying to take a hideous picture of Katie. I succeeded, but I decided not to post it. Instead I'll post this pretty picture of her in mid-laugh.

Katie trying to take a nasty picture of ME! But I was on to her!

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to my other GNO, with my beloved book club. This month's pick is none other than Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. The last book in the Twilight Saga. I'm only half way through, cause I never get a chance to read! Or I get distracted by things late at night like I did last night.....stupid! Oh well, it was worth it.


Semiramis said...

Hey! Thanks for inviting me! What a cute blog! Last night was a lot of fun ... and I so need a camera like yours, the pictures turned out great! Can I copy them? oh, yeah, this is Luciana by the way :)

tonksfam said...

*sniff* You have young people in your ward?! Wow, I've forgotten what that's like. Ok, so there are people closer to my age, but I still think I'm the youngest RS member out there, not counting the girls who just graduated high school. But I'm not complaining, I love the women here, I just think a Girl's Night Out for us would be a little different than what you had :D Nice pictures!

Kate said...

I must have a copy of the picture of me laughing, Probably the BEST picture ever taken of me. I'd like to get it copied onto my blog, and also framed for Brian. I'm being completely honest! Had a blast! Always wonder if I said too much after nights like this...imagine if I drank (HAHAHA).

Anyway will you email it to me?

Suze said...

Debi it's sad that you don't have any youngin's in your ward. I feel for ya. Truly I do. But you can live vicariously through me I guess!

As far as the "talking" last night goes Katie...I'm sure you didn't go too far for'm sure everyone already assumed you WERE drunk! ha ha! You know what you're supposed to do when your husband gets called to be in the Bishopbric...JUST SIN!!!

Marci said...

wow, that looks like it was fun. I had no idea people in our ward did fun things like that, lol.

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