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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What I Want For My Birthday!!!

I just found out that my favorite band is playing on my birthday here in Seattle.....ON MY BIRTHDAY! Could it get any better than that?


tonksfam said...

I took Rob to see his favorite band for his birthday. Could it get any better? Yes! They were playing for FREE! (...never mind the cost of gas to get there...)

Suze said...

Well if it were FREE then it would be AWE$OME! But it's not, so I'd just be dang'ed thrilled if I could drag one of my friends to come with me, cause I know Dan won't go with me...and I don't want him to! :P

It would be a complete birthday wish if my girlfriend ANA came with, but I'd do with any fan to come with me at this rate!

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