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Friday, August 22, 2008

"Big Spiderman Mommy!"

Reading friends blogs today, (thanks Alana & Candice) spawned this story. Happy reading!

The other day I was at the beauty supply store with the girls and I was at the counter paying for my stuff and all of a sudden one of the workers shrieks and I look behind me at her and she's pointing to the ground and there's this HUGEMONGOUS Wolf Spider (it was at least 5 in circumference) headed towards my foot. It was seriously less than 6 inches away (I just got the shivers talking about it).

So I yelled, "Holy Crap!" (it was the least I could do for not swearing!) and I moved the girls away from the spider. Yeah about 10 feet away! As the worker put a small box on it and covered it up. Meanwhile the girl behind the counter who was helping me, comes around (by the way we were ALL freaked out of this spider) and stomps on the box. We all stood there shuddering in disgust. (I'm shuddering now in remembrance). No one wanted to check to see if it was even dead or finally the girl from behind the counter did.....and it was. So we all took a huge sigh of relief.

It was then that I remembered the girls. No just kidding. They did surprisingly well through the ordeal. They stayed calm. They're usually pretty freaked out of bugs and stuff....mostly flying bugs, but they mostly just stood in shock.....probably stood in shock of grown women freakin' out of a spider that's 100 times smaller than them.

But after the ordeal Kayla says to me, (in little kid English of course) "That was a big Spiderman Mommy!"

I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I guess we haven't taught her about arachnids. Only about SpiderMAN. Silly us.

Even funnier is that they still talk about it. I went back to the beauty supply store a couple of days later and as soon as we drive up to the store parking lot, Desiree says, "Big Spider Mommy" ......."Yes I know, Sweetheart. I was a big Spider!"


tonksfam said...

*Shudder* This reminds me of the time I found out I had stepped on a HUGE hobo spider (like a wolf, but worse) and killed it WITH MY BARE FOOT! I could feel the spot of contact for the rest of the day and would have to distract myself to keep from shuddering all through work.

Amber said...

I hate spiders!!! They freek me out. I would have been on the top of the counter as soon as the lady say it. LOL! Your girls are so cute. How old are they again?

Suze said...

I guess I should post their ages on here, but they're 4 & 2 1/2. Welcome finally Amber!

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