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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh So Fresh!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love living in the Greater Seattle area?

Well I absolutely LOVE living in the Seattle area and today it reaffirmed just how great things are here.

I mean we have the rain 'n all, every one knows that can be a bummer....but I actually love the weather in the Northwest.....but that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about this....

Last night I did my grocery shopping for the week.

Big deal right?


Last night I did my grocery shopping for the week, ON LINE......AND they delivered it to my door before I even got up in the morning!

Now some places have these services already, like Safeway, but this is totally different.

This is called Amazon Fresh.

It's the same company as, but they deliver groceries to your house. It's so cool! So I could order my groceries as late as midnight and they would deliver it as early as 6 am the next morning. As long as I order a minimum of $25 (free delivery). I don't even have to be home. They don't even knock on our door or disturb us. It's so awesome!

I didn't get my order in till just past midnight last night, so I missed the 6am window, but I did make the 7-10am window, which was just fine with me. So this morning I had fresh veggies and fruit and I didn't have to drag 2 kids the store or drive the car and waste gas (especially with rising gas prices!) to go get them. Never mind hauling the groceries up the flight of stairs. With the two kids and just myself, if I ever have a cart full of groceries, that's a lot of trips up and down the stairs and it can get tiring! (Especially listening to whiny children, who complain about carrying heavy bags up the stairs, when they're light as a feather.....yet oft times she'll carry something 10 times the weight and never complain!......points to guess who that one may be).

I was expecting the prices to be high too, but I was wrong. In fact most prices are actually cheaper than our local grocery store. And the selection is even better! Man, the time it takes for me to browse an aisle online than it would to do it in the store?'s priceless. They have every type of meat, grocery, produce, (even organic), ethnic, that you can think of. You can even special order something and they'll have it for you in 3 days. I can't stop saying that's it's simply AWESOME.

That's it! They should change the name to AWESOME FRESH!

Most of you are probably wondering about the quality of the food. Well we ordered everything from produce to frozen foods to dairy and I tell ya, the produce was better pickin's than that at the store......and the cold stuff came packed in totes with little packets of dried ice. They sure know what they're doin'! Then the next time you order they pick up the totes from last time they delivered. I tell ya. it don't get any better......well unless we have replicators, like on Star Trek. (ya I'm a dork and I watch Star wanna go, punk?)

Anyways I just wanted to brag.....I mean tell everyone about this awesome service (there I go again) and if you haven't taken advantage of it yet......well if you live in the greater Seattle area of'll have to try it for yourself! They only have it available for certain Zip Codes for now, but I'm sure in the near future, it will be available in the neighborhood near you!

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