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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My best friend Sarah and I have started a new tradition.....

And it's all my fault!

Sarah and I have many traditions...

The first one started when we all got together for the 4th of July; the year we met the Thatcher's in '05. It's where we all first partied at her house and our families bonded and we all became BFF's! (*sigh!) (*gag) Now we all get together for the 4th every year. (This year will mark the 4th year straight so far!)

Another tradition is we get together for Christmas Eve. We've done it every year since the first year we met and since we're all like family to each other, it only feels normal to get together since they're the only family we have close by. Since we are a family with the Thatchers (brought together by friendship) we share many other holidays with them as well.

But this is not the kind of tradition I'm talking about that Sarah and I have started.

Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. (*isn't that a song?....whatever!) Anyways....

It was Sarah's birthday last Saturday and since I was planning on taking myself to the spa soon to use the last half of my coupon and get my Stone Massage, I figured, Why not take my sister for her birthday?

...and that's exactly what I did...

I planned it all out with her husband and she had no clue. She thought we were just going out to breakfast to our favorite joint the Brown Bag Cafe.....yeah.....for 3 hours! ......she had no clue. All Jim had to tell her, was that I needed her right now and of course she didn't even blink an eye to it. Any chance that Sarah gets to be the "helper" she'll take....but little did she know that it was she that was getting to be the one to be the rescuee not the rescuer!.....(did that make sense?)

Anyways I was going to try and keep it a secret until I took her to the spa, but silly me I can't keep a juicy thing quiet, so I spilled it as soon as we got to the if I didn't, we'd of sat there for who knows how long with the way Sarah and I chat and we'd of missed our appointment!

So to cut to the chase we went to the Oasis Spa in Woodinville WA and checked in for our treatments. I was of course, having my stone massage and Sarah was having a Cocoa Butter massage....apparently it smelled like melted chocolate....perfect for her cause she's a fellow chocolate lover! After our massages, which was pure heaven I might add!!!.....we sat in what I like to call the holding room (I don't know why.....I just do....) and just sat in our robes and sipped herbal teas with our toasty warms on our necks and were in pure bliss! It was then that we both decided to make this a Tradition!

Not only did we decide to do this for each other's birthdays, but we decided it wasn't enough. We had to come back often. We both need escapes from our daily "stay-at-home-mom" lives and since our sweet husbands support that, we decided that we were going to come back every 2 months and we even booked our next appointment right then and there. And then every other time we're getting a facial.

Do you see what I started here?

Actually I created a monster.

I decided myself that I needed to go every month. With or without Sarah. So when I got home, I booked my next appointment for July.

Call me pampered. Call me spoiled. Call me whatever! But if you don't take time for yourself, you'll go crazy! That's why every 3 weeks I take an hour out of my Saturday morning and go get my nails done. Do I need them? No. Is it a luxury? Definitely YES! Do they make me feel pretty? Definitely YES? Do they make me feel like a woman, when I start to feel a little less womanly and more like "MOM" about myself? HECK YES!

That's why I do it. To take care of the "ME" in "MOMMY".

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