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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Song!

Courtesy of Shaun Barrowes!

Download. When I Take Your Hand

Quoted from his profile on Slice Of The Pie:

Shaun Barrowes is a talented musician, vocalist, and songwriter that has recently established himself as an international artist. Shaun has previously released two albums that have sold thousands of copies and is currently releasing his third and most ambitious album, Big Bang Theory. Shaun’s new album has been called a “sophisticated blend of jazz-pop, balladry, and big-band theatrics.”

Shaun has established himself as a versatile musician, songwriter, and performer, playing lead piano and arranging his records’ far-flung musical parts. Shaun recently toured 21 American cities and doubled his audience in every city the second time around. Shaun has recorded and collaborated with some of the best musicians and music producers in the country; musicians with artist credits such as Madonna, Michelle Branch, Destiny’s Child, Stacie Orrico, Joe Cocker, ZZ Top, and No Doubt. Shaun has written songs for artists signed to Universal and Sony Records, has received airplay on independent radio stations in the U.S., U.K., and Italy, and has won an international songwriting contest for the ballad “When I Take Your Hand.” Most recently, Shaun was featured in the Top 48 during Hollywood Week of American Idol Season Seven.

Shaun’s music has received acclaim from the likes of Norah Jones and Celine Dion, who said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that the song “When I Take Your Hand” made her want to renew her wedding vows. Taxi A&R representatives have called Shaun “a skilled and polished songwriter, vocalist, pianist, and arranger” and have said his “great energy and strong vocal quality” create a “fresh new sound.” A recent review stated that Shaun Barrowes music “is clearly a nod to a rich musical past and an appreciation of its wide-screen cinema, [but his] pop leanings give the music a contemporary framework—the songs are both a longing glance backward and a running jump forward.”

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