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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My New Haircolor

It's Summertime, so that means I go lighter!
I was sick and tired of having dark hair, (does it honestly surprise you that I changed the color of my hair this quickly....c'mon people! You know me better than should be saying, "What took you so long Susan!"), so Saturday night I decided to put highlights in my hair. Since I had coppery ones in before, I couldn't do blonde, like I would like, so I'll have to grow these out. But for now they're light golden brown mixed with the coppery ones I had from before. Oh yeah and my hair is growing out and it's driving me nuts! I want it shorter in the back. I love the length in the front, but the back is too long!

1 comment:

JenG said...

Youo look great! I love the highlights.

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