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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm So Excited! And I Just Can't Hide It!

Dan's sister and her husband (Dara & Nathaniel) have been living in San Jose, CA for the last, oh I dunno, 2 years or so. Before that, since I've known Dan they've lived on the East side of WA in Pullman. So pretty much I don't really know Dara, or Nathaniel, or her kids for that matter and neither does Dan. It's sad really. We've gotten to know Dan's brother David and his wife Deena really well, cause we've been down to the Tri-Cities a lot since we've been married and they've been up to see us quite a bit also, cause David's traveled for work in Seattle a lot.

Anyways my point is we don't know them much.

Well I'm really excited cause we will get to know them, cause in about a few weeks they'll not only be moving back to WA, but they'll be moving to our neck of the woods! (I'm doing a little jump for joy!...but you can't see)

Nathaniel is an accountant and his company is relocating him to their Seattle offices, however he'll be working on site at his clients offices. Apparently one of those clients is Microsoft, so they're looking to possible move to Redmond....hopefully to be close to us!

I'm SOOOOOO excited!

I've LONGED for a good relationship with Dan's sister. It seems that almost every time we cross paths it's always bad timing, or my time of the month......or both! I'm so sorry I've have to put you through that Dara! Anyways this also gives our children to be close to cousins. I mean my girls have Hannah and Ellie, which are our close friend's girls, whom we refer to as their cousins, but it will be nice to have more family around.

I'm almost counting down the days till you guys move Dara! See ya in Redmond! I'm so excited! Yipee!

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