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Friday, June 13, 2008

No Worries~I Won't Be Quittin' Ma Day Job!

It's Desi's 4th birthday next week and this weekend we're having a birthday party for her. Although she's turning 4, she doesn't really talk that well, but she was still pretty determined what she wanted for her birthday party. She came up with the theme herself, which was a "Bubble Party" and then she wanted a Care Bear cake. That one she may have had some help on, since I already had the Wilton cake pan for it and she saw it one day and she got really excited about it, so she asked to have one for her birthday. So then I was darn well determined to make this cake for my little girl!

When it actually came down to doing it, I got stage fright. It looked really hard! I've never decorated a cake like that in my life! I've never iced a cake more than just slapping frosting on it and maybe embellishing it a little. This was going to take some talent....and my artistic talent is with a head of hair, NOT buttercream icing! The only reason I had it in my drawer was cause I bought it at The Village for a couple of dollars. There's no way I would ever buy it full price and there was no way I ever thought I would actually be making it sometime in the near future.

Okay who am I kidding here, I actually did think I could make it; it looked so darn easy! (that's why I bought it in the first place!) but when it came down to it? Holy Moly!... I realized that it should be left to professionals!

So I decided we were going to buy a cake. There were plenty of stores out there who had Care Bear themed cakes and I wasn't going to put myself through the stress of making one. Plus we were running out of time and I wasn't sure when I'd actually find the time (or make the time~I should say) to do it.

Dan wouldn't have it.

*Note~This isn't a fight that happened, it was merely Susan under severe stress & stubbornness and Dan playing to her weakness...

He said if I wouldn't make it.......then he would!

I said, "Fine! Go ahead." Setting him up for failure, knowing he had no clue what he was doing and knowing full well it would turn disastrous and in the end I would win and we would have to buy a cake anyways!

So he went out and bought stuff to decorate this cake, which was stuff we didn't even need to do it (it was kinda cute), but he wasn't even really going to follow the pattern to the cake, he was just going to probably slap on some icing and sprinkles and some eyes and call it good.

I wasn't going to have it!

Last night as he baked the cake (asking me step by step how exactly he should do things mind you) I humbly asked if I could help. He gladly said YES! He reminded me about how his wonderful mother used to make all of his birthday cakes when he was younger and he just wanted that for our little girl.....

How could I not want to do that for our children? I always have! I just needed a wake up call and Dan was patient and persuasive enough to help me see that. He told me that he knew in the end I would eventually take over since that's the way I am (he knows me too well.....I'm obsessive!) and he only said he was going to make it, so that I would actually do it in the end.

I love my husband!

We went to this couples seminar last year (Time Out for Couples) where this speaker, Marilee Boyack talked about being "One" with your spouse. She stated that where you are weak, he is strong and where you are strong, he may be weak and that is what makes you able to be one with another. Her "talk" really stuck with me and it reminds me all the time just how much my husband rises me to the occasion, so to speak. Where I am weak, he makes me strong and where he is weak, I make him strong.

So although I decorated it, this cake has become something WE created together, for our little girl. Emotionally & physically.

This birthday party is such a special one for us. It's the first one that we've ever thrown for one of our children and it's also because our birth mom is attending. We're looking forward to it. She's so special to us. We're all going through difficult times right now, but we're all staying strong. We love you Mommy C!

The Cake

Stage one:
Icing on the cake and I had to free hand draw the Care Bear outline onto the cake with a toothpick. Yeah Right! I can't even believe I pulled that one off!.....or that it actually looked some what similar to the picture!

Stage two:
Pipe icing onto the outline using a darker frosting than what the body was going to be.....he he....oops! Dan was mixing the frostings and I was telling him the ratios of food colorings to put in the mix. I went a little crazy on this one, cause the body color is a little too close to the outline!

Stage three:
See what I mean?
Now this was supposed to be little star shaped icing droplets, but Dan made the mistake of putting this particular bowl of icing in the fridge....and you're not supposed to do that. So the icing was really not easy to work with and so I had to do little squigglys for the "fur" of the bear. Turned out not so bad. I guess... what do you think?
Stage Four:
It was adding the Rainbow and the rest of the emellishments. The star shapes on the rainbow is what the rest of the body was supposed to look like, but then again, that icing was put in the fridge. Oh well, trial and error. I'm sure by Kayla's birthday she'll want a Care Bear cake too and I'll have this thing perfected!
Final stage:
The finished product! Desi loves it and is SO excited about her party!


JenG said...

You are very brave and it is so cute. How will you stand the Care Bear Cake homicide after the candles are blown out? Dibs on the heart nose piece!

Dara said...

I bet she'll love it. Happy Birthday Desi!!1

Suze said...

Perish the thought of even having to stick candles in the thing! Let alone having to chop it up into pint sized servings for tiny little savages known as guests at my daughters birthday party.

Oh and the nose piece is yours Jen!

tonksfam said...

So cute!! I totally remember being soo picky at her age. I asked Santa Clause for a pink bike with my sisters powder pink, banana seat bike in my head. I was devastated when he placed a hot pink, regular seat bike under (or rather beside) the tree. *sniff sniff* But it looks like you really delivered for your little girl. Good job!!

Oh, and is JenG my Jen or a friend of yours? If she's one of your friends, how do you and Dan keep the two Jen G.'s straight?! ;)

Suze said...

Thanks Debi! I'm sorry about your childhood bike devestation. :(

BTW JenG is a family friend. Another Jen...not your Jen. Dan doesn't keep in touch much with Jen lately, so it's easy to tell them apart! In fact, I probably hear more from the two of you than he does, go figure. She found me on Facebook and Dan sucks at keeping in touch, you know that! Shame shame! Although he reads your blog, so that's his form of "keeping in touch". Don't hold it against him.....he's a guy!....and a new dad. Busy busy!

Leighann said...

Of course you could do it, You just ooze with creative juices. Way to go you TWO. Making the journey together makes it even better. I wish my mom had cared enough about my birthdays to make me something special. Desi and Kayla ar lucky girls.

tonksfam said...

haha! No worries. I am horrible at keeping in touch, too, which is why I have that website and I comment on everyone else's blog instead of write emails!

Suze said...

LOL! That's exactly what I do!

Email? What's that?

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