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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oops! I Forgot to Tell You....

So earlier this year...before the kids came along, I used to listen to the radio a lot.

Big deal right?

Well to those friends who knew me before, it is a big deal, cause it wasn't just the plain old radio station I used to listen to.


This was TALK RADIO.

Friends would say, "Suze, what happened to you?"

You see, I'm the music girl. I was the one who knew the latest song, all the lyrics to it and could sing it better than the original artist......okay so I totally embellished that last part.......but in all seriousness, I would never in my right mind be caught dead listening to anything other than MUSIC on the radio!

So you see, this is a big deal.

Continuing on....

My talk radio addiction all happened because of one person and it's really not all my fault! I credit it all to DAN! (Go figure eh?)

Our station of choice was KVI 570 AM from sometimes 7am till often times past 8pm. Not straight through the day of course, but sporadically during the week. From Kirby & Company in the morning, to Mark Levin at night. In the middle of those two were my personal favorites: Dr. Laura in the morning and then The Commentators: John Carlson & Ken Schram, (who Dan lovingly refers to as Dumb & Dumber).

Anyways Schram & Carlson run this contest every once in a while called Commentary-OKIE. It's pretty much a Karaoke contest on the radio and me being the Karaoke queen that I am and the loyal listener that I was, could I resist?

Well....I did when they ran it at Christmastime. I was too chicken and I regretted not doing it then.


When it was Valentine's week and they were running the contest only took me to the 2nd to last day of the contest to call in.....and I got through!

But not only did I get through....but....


It wasn't even a contest.....I mean, c'mon, I blew them away with an Aretha Franklin song. Did anyone even have a chance? pride came out there.

Anyways my pride package....I mean, prize package (tee hee) was pretty sweet. The most I've won over the radio before. I mean, I've won concert, basketball tickets and other crappy stuff before, but nothing worth this much before. Okay I'm totally making it sound like I won a trip to Tahiti or something but it's really not that big of a deal. LOL!

Okay so this was my prize package:

2 Season tickets to the Bellevue Civic Theater (Worth $200)

and a

$75 gift Certificate to Trader Vics

Anyways the reason I remembered all this was cause finally today, (after4 months of having the gift certificate for the season tickets) I called the box office of the theater, to redeem my tickets.

Who knows if Dan and I will both be able to use them, but as Dan said to me, "Just because we have the kids, who says you can't enjoy them?".

So....girlfriends out there.....I'll be looking for a date for the up coming Civic Theater Season. Get in line and start sucking up! ;)

At least with the restaurant GC we can use it whenever. It's actually pretty awesome, cause we also get a Microsoft discount as well. So it's like doubling our gift certificate! Although, that's a place we definitely can't take kids, so we'll have to save that for a special occasion and when the kids are adopted.

See what happens when you're ambitious?

All this cause I called into a talk radio show and belted out 30 seconds of You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman!

Too bad American Idol's not looking for 30+ year olds.

Their loss.



tonksfam said...

That's incredible! You've got guts :) I'll sing in front of family and close friends (and more close family than just family), but I don't think I'd ever be able to do it over the phone to a radio station. You go girl!

Suze said...

Thanks Debi!

You know what's funny? I'll do it in front of anyone, except close family & friends.....especially my husband! That's why I was so chicken! I knew HE'D be listening!

I'm so ashamed!

Ryan and Amanda said...

Surprise surprise you didn't win! So happy for you and jealous! Wish I lived closer, I would definately become a brown noser! Have fun!

Suze said...

Oh Amanda, my biggest fan!

I'm sure if I took you to a play, you might fall asleep on me! :P

Oh no wait,...that was only watching late night TV wasn't it?

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