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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Epitome of Randomness

I found out Jacki had a blog and I was reading it and came across this. And since I fall into peer pressure easily I just had to do it!

If you are reading this you are TAGGED!

5 Things

5 Things I was Doing 10 Years Ago:

1. Taking Driving lessons
2. Getting my Driver's License
3. Working at a place called "The Hair Hut"~I know, lame name!
4. Acting in a production called "Guns, Gold & Glory" (I played a Proctologist in the Old West. I wore a rubber glove on my right hand the whole play. The director had a sick sense of humor!)
5. Being single and having the time of my life!~not that my life now sucks, it's just that I had fun back me, I wouldn't trade my life now, for my life then for anything!

5 Things On My To Do List:

1. Clean my kitchen
2. Clean my bathrooms
3. Laundry
4. Organize my "Everything" room (It's our Computer/Craft/Sewing/Food storage used to be our Master Bedroom..tee hee)
5. Organize my life!

5 Favorite Snacks/Food:

1. Fresh salad with fresh Hidden Valley Buttermilk Ranch dressing; is my current fav (I eat it at least once a day)
2. Purdy's 70% Dark Chocolate
3. My Turkey stuffing/dressing
4. My Lasagna
5. Jacki's Shepherd's pie (I had to throw that in there...cause I'm severely craving it right now for some reason!)

5 Things I Would Do If I Was a Billionaire:

1. Have no debt
2. Buy a house on acreage and live off the land
3. Build a salon in my house so that I could still do hair
4. See the world by going on vacation....adding in humanitarian vacations alongside those as well
5. Obviously get my husband to quit his job, but that's a DUH! and like he would argue.

5 Bad Habits:

1. Being distracted (ie: Like HELLO! I'm on the computer when I should be doing the things on my TO DO list!)
2. Watching too much TV (too many Netflix shows I should say, we don't have real TV)
3. Staying up too late
4. Picking my eyelashes (you thought I was going to say nose didn't you!)
5. Not replying to emails. I suck at that. I read 'em and then they sit there forever, until I realize I never wrote the person back, then I realize it's too late to write them back and so I never do sometimes! Ya...that's a really bad habit. Sorry if you're one of those people! I mean no harm, I'm just forgetful!

5 Places I have lived:

1. Vancouver BC Canada
2. Langley BC Canada
3. Cloverdale BC Canada
4. Abbotsford BC Canada
5. Redmond WA

5 People I'm Tagging (Yep! You guys gotta do this now)

1. Debi
2. Dara
3. Candice
4. Maddy
5. Danette

1 comment:

tonksfam said...

I'M NUMBER 1! Hey, it's just a blog tag, but non-athletic me feels like getting a foam finger and yelling at the ref.

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