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Thursday, June 19, 2008

¡Este Es Para Mi Mamá!

Last night we ordered Chinese take out for dinner, cause of my "bad head day" from our usual place Jade Dragon and we got our usual order of the Northern Combo dinner. That special includes Chicken Chow Mein, a dish Dan never touches cause he no likey. So last night, since I was headed out the door to do a client as soon as I finished off dinner, I chose not to partake of much of the chow mein. I simply skimmed off a few noodles from the top of the take out box. I noticed I didn't get any chicken in that chow mein, but never thought anything of it, since it usually gets crammed into the bottom of the box anyways.

Well this afternoon since I only had about a half a cup of applesauce for breakfast, (ya, I suck at eating anything for breakfast) my tummy was grummbling for some food. So I opened up the fridge to make my usual salad with yummy ranch dressing for lunch, when I remembered that I had my left over chow mein in the fridge! Oh what joy filled my heart to see that little box of Chinese take out sitting so lonely in the fridge, that I quickly rescued it from it's pitiful state. Actually joy fills my heart when I see Chinese take out boxes period. It's the main reason I love Chinese Food in the states, cause it comes in those little boxes like you see on TV. Not like in most places in Canada, where it comes in tin foil containers. What fun is that?


The 3 minutes my lunch sat on the plate, spinning around in the microwave, didn't come fast enough as I sat down at the table to enjoy my left over feast. As I dug into my food with my fork, bite after bite, I began to wonder as the chow mein noodles and vegetables were slowly dissapearing and I had yet to taste the mighty chicken morssels.

I had asked myself, "Where is the Chicken in the Chicken Chow Mein?"

Here's where my mom and I go, Isn't that a song?

Back up to 1980 or '81.....

When I was about 4 or 5 and I was in ballet. It was my first year of ballet and we did a routine to this song called, "Where Is The Chicken In The Chicken Chow Mein?", where we held little bowls and danced around and stuff. This is how the song went....I totally remember the whole thing...(at least the first verse):

Where is the chicken in the Chicken Chow Mein?
Chicken Chow Mein,
Chicken Chow Mein,
Where is the chicken in the Chicken Chow Mein?
Chicken where can you be?

Okay, I know, like that's hard to remember......but it's the tune that goes with it that I remember. It's only funny, cause my mom and I sing it all the time still!

So anyways back to the future....

As I was sitting there lamenting my lunch, I couldn't help but laugh to myself because I was seriously thinking where is the chicken?! but then the song popped into my head and I couldn't help but think of my mom and laugh out loud and of course I had to share this all with you.

And by the way it pays to let the establishment know of their mistake, because I called Jade Dragon and they're giving me a credit for Chicken Chow Mein, next time I order take out. They're the best take out in town and Dan and I order from them almost everytime I have a "bad day". Dan you're the bestest!

And I just wanted to let my mom know that I was thinking about her.

I love you mamá!~I hope you laughed as hard as I did!

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