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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've Been Taped!

So some of you may know that my ankle has been out of the walking boot for about a month now and I've been going to physical therapy for about 3 weeks. It's been totally helping. About 3 weeks ago I couldn't even get a shoe on, my foot was so swollen! I was also limping a lot and was still in a lot of pain from my sprain. I tell ya it was pretty severe what I suffered.

Anyways since then the swelling hasn't gone down enough for my therapist to be happy about it. I've been wearing an ACE bandage everyday for the past week and I've been told to stay off of it for the last 2 weeks, which also meant NO WATER AEROBICS I was so sad. I was all geared up and ready to go, cause I got the "OK" from my doctor to go ahead and do it again. I actually went once and injured myself, which was not good, but the next time I saw my therapist, she said, "no water aerobics for a while, until we get that swelling down". I was sad. But I was determined to get that swelling down, so off my feet for a while it was, as hard as it is for me. I don't like not doing anything. It's very hard for me. I did it for 3 months and I'm sick and tired of it.

Well I went back to the office today and the swelling is still not to where it should be and Jennifer, my therapist, still feels like it's not going anywhere with just wearing an ACE bandage, so today I was taped. It sounded to me like a horrible proceedure (hello-the "Drama Queen" here) but really it wasn't bad at all. It actually feels kinda cool.

So I thought I'd take a minute and write in my blog about it, since I have nothing better to write about today. It's back on the couch for me in a sec. If you get a call from me today, it's not because I'm bored, it's cause I'm stuck on the couch with nothing better to do. Which sounds better?

As you can see in the photos my foot is pretty swollen still, but it's actually not as bad as it usually looks, so you can only imagine what it's like double the size. Kudos to Torin, the therapist assistant, ("The Dustin"-as Dan and I call him-inside joke), for the excellent taping job!

Oh ya and please ignore my crappy polished's been since December that I had a pedi & I haven't removed the old polish (tee hee).

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