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Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Sunday

So last month when they were passing around the Missionary Dinner calendar in church I signed up the missionaries for the 8th, not knowing that it was Easter Sunday. Not that it was a bad thing, but we usually spent it with family and this year since we were busy every Saturday in April with this class we have to take in order to adopt through the state of Washington, we told my parents (who were planning on visiting that Easter weekend) to come another time. I was a little sad that we wouldn't have family with us to celebrate Easter this year.

Actually last year Dan was in North Carolina and he actually spent it with a random family he met at church who invited him on a whim when they found out he was out there on business. I was in the comforts of my "family" here with the Thatcher's for their Easter dinner. This year the Thatcher's would be in Utah and so we wouldn't be getting together with them at all this weekend. So having the missionaries it was.

Like I said before, not that this was a bad thing, but I just usually associate having the missionaries over as a casual,-feed them, have a spiritual message, then they're on their way- sorta thing. It wasn't a holiday type event that I wanted JUST them over. So I was elated when our friends from our ward (and they live in our apartments) the Hales, (Marlina, Cameron & Kianna), invited us over for Easter dinner. I regreted to tell them that we were already having the missionaries over, but then we came up with a plan to combine our dinners together and have it at our place. It was going to be a family-type event afterall!

And it got even better.

I actually wanted to invite more people, but since Marlina was making the Ham, I wasn't sure she had enough to have more people. There's another couple in our apartments that we know, Katya & Brian, and both their families are in Philadelphia, so I just knew they wouldn't have anywhere to be on Easter and it turned out they didn't. So at the last minute we had them also. It totally made my day! If you know me well, you know that my philosophy for dinner is the more the merrier!

After the missionaries had to leave, we played a game of Family Feud. Our "family" lost. We sucked. That game's a lot harder than it looks. When the pressure's on to answer the question, it's prety hard!

The evening was a great success though. We had yummy food and even nummier desserts. And even though we all had WAY too much to eat there were good times had by all. See no matter where you are, even though you live far away from your family, you'll always be surrounded by people you love to be with and it feels like home, just the same.

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