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Monday, March 12, 2007

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu!

Lee, Amanda & baby Clark were moving up to Prince George BC, so before they did, Dan and I decided to go up to Canada to say goodbye. We were going to just go up for the day, but then at the last minute decided to make it a weekend trip. So we rented a car and headed up Friday night to Burnaby and met up with LeManda, Justin & Tricia, and Ana & Rod and their kids. All whom, by the way, have never hung out with each other before. I decided to kill 3 birds with one stone and since all of these friends of ours were dying to see us, I made them all come to All You Can Eat Sui Shya Ya. It was total fun though. I wasn't surprised at all at how well everyone got along. We all have the same crazy, sick sense of humor, so it was all good. Good times and good laughs. And good eats! I haven't had Sui Shya Ya in a LONG time and it felt good to especially have it with LeManda for the last time in a long time. (*tear)

Anyways afterwards we went over to J & T's to hang out and have some good times. We ended up trying out Justin's new Wii. It's actually pretty cool, if you ask me. Dan & Justin were having a boxing match and I was laughing at how stOopid they looked, until I saw pictures of myself playing. Then I didn't laugh at Dan anymore. You do look pretty stOOpid, although it's a really good workout. If I were to own any game console (and Dan agrees...actually he's the one who said it first I guess) it would be the Wii, cause you're actually getting a workout whilst playing video games and not just sitting there in front of the TV like a vegetable. Let's just say it's what I would let my children play.

Anyways We shoulda known better than to stay out too late (we left their house at 2am) cause the next morning we both felt awful! I had a MAJOR headache (like worse than it's been since the bad ones started in December) and Dan was feeling quite ill.

*But on a side note we did stay in a really nice hotel for a great price thanks to

Anyways that morning we met up with Jacki and Terence who drove up that morning and then met up with my 'rents in White Rock. We hung out at their house a bit and watched a special of Rick Mercer's "Talking With Americans" (SO FUNNY!). Then we went out to lunch at a good old Candaian classic restaurant just for Taki's benefit: White Spot. I was trying to tell them that their milkshakes are just Oh So Good, but they ended up being really runny and not so good. But their burgers were just as I remembered. That good ol' Triple O sauce. Mmmmmmm!

Anyways after saying CHAO to mom & Tom, we headed out to LeManda's open house party and chilled for the rest of the night. Dan hung out for a bit and then went to our hotel room for the rest of the night, cause he felt pretty crappy. So sad. But I had fun hanging with old peeps and their new spouses and new babies. Oh the babies! All of them BOYS! There were 5 baby boys all under the age of 6 months at LeManda's apartment. It was crazy! I wish I'da taken a picture of all of them together, but I didn't. But I did get some cute shots of them individually.

All who was there was:
Lee's sister Nicky & his mommy
Andrew & Paige Irwin & little Brighton
Steve & Becky Haire & little Thomas
Tyler & Georgia Yost & little Kiren
of course Jacki & Terence & little Connor
And of course last but not least MR. MIKE HAIRE......can you believe he's STILL single? I thought someone woulda snagged him long ago.

Oh ya and by the way when you're looking at the pictures, not only can 4 month old Clark roll over himself, but he can hold his own bottle and he's been doing that since he was about 3 months old. Amazing eh?

Farewell LEMANDA & Clark! Good Luck in PG! Don't forget to have a slushy at Ospika for me!....hey....that sounds like it could be a cool song.

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