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Thursday, March 22, 2007

165th Birthday of the Relief Society

How lucky am I to be a member of the largest womens organization in the whole entire world! A women's group who's motto is simply, "CHARITY NEVER FAILETH".

To read about the history of the Relief Society click here

This month we celebrate the 165th birthday of this first organization. Since I'm on our ward'd Relief Society's Enrichment Comittee, I was delighted when I got to help set up for the evening's festivities. There's a lady in our ward who's absolutely AMAZING when it comes to decorating and so they asked her to go totally "over the top" for the table center pieces. Our theme this year was "A women for all seasons" and so we had 7 tables decorated in different seasons of the year. 2 for Spring, 1 for Summer, 2 for Autumn & 2 for Winter and then we had whomever's birthday landed in that season got to sit at that table. Then their place card for where they sat was their baby picture, since it was a birthday party....get it? Anyways it was SO MUCH FUN decorating and setting up and stuff. I got to do all of the pictures and stuff....well I did all of the scanning and resizing and stuff and someone else did the place cards, but my point was I got to see everyone's baby pictures before everyone else did and so that was a lot of fun. My favorite tables were the 2 Spring tables mostly cause the Easter one I helped set up and the other one just looked so luscious!. But when you look at the pictures, just notice all of the detail that went into these tables. I mean, these tables took literally ALL DAY to set up. I think it took me seriously an hour just to put the grass skirt on the summer table alone! But it was all worth it! The room looked awesome and everyone was impressed! Sharon did such and awesome job designing the tables and lending ALL of her stuff for the decorations (yes folks, ALL of that stuff is hers, and she decorates her home for EVERY season....I wanna be like her! BTW She's the lady in the picture decorating the table with the Nutcrackers).

We had a lovely program about the history of the Relief Society and it's past & current presidents and the messages they have to say. It was very inspiring...well the parts that I heard when Sarah wasn't distracting me.

Our NUMMY dinner prepared by the awesome RS Presidency, Britney Porter, Karen Chambers & Teresa Owens. The food was SO DELICIOUS!!! Only in our ward can you get food right out of a Martha Stewart catalogue! We have such talented people in our ward! Props to Britney for the great menu. Oh yes and how could I forget the dessert. Ashley made yummy Lavendar Honey cakes.

Next time you plan on visiting us, plan on coming down when it's a RS dinner, and you'll get to taste what I mean about this ward!

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