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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Gift Of Sight

So I finally did it. After more than 16 years of needing glasses and contacts to correct my vision, I recieved the best gift ever.

I had LASIK eye surgery yesterday. It was the most weirdest experience I've ever been through. Ever since Saturday my nerves have been racing and my mind's been going a mile a minute with stress about the surgery. I mean, these are my eyes we're talking about. There's no messing with them unless I'm totally ready for what I was getting myself into and although I was totally ready to have the surgery that I've been contemplating and thinking about for the last 3 years or so, I was totally worried and stressed about the outcome.

Over the weekend I had read up on all of the paperwork that I was supposed to read up on, about the side effects and the risks involving the surgery and that's what got me so worried about the outcome. Not that I was going to back out of the surgery itself, cause I knew I was ready, it was just the "what if's" that were haunting my every thought. The night before the surgery I tossed and turned in my sleep and when I woke up and put my glasses on, to be able to see for the last time, my heart was racing a thousand miles per minute, of the mere thought of the surgery that would restore my sight forever.

Before we left that morning, Dan gave me a Priesthood blessing. What a miracle that was! As soon as he said the words, "that your nerves will be calmed and you will be at peace", it happend. I was at total peace and I had absolutely NO JITTERS whatsoever! He also said that Heavenly Father had trust in the surgeon and his skills and ability and that he would be blessed and that He wanted me to have my sight restored. That also made me feel more at peace; that my Heavenly Father was aware of restoring my sight. He wanted this for me too. To hear those words was so special. It was if the Savior Himself was here to place his hands on my eyes to restore my sight.

The power that the restored Priesthood has is so amazing and I feel so blessed and honored that my husband has and holds that special gift.

Afterwards Dan and I headed to the Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute

at 7:30am (nerves calmed and all) and had to be run through a series of tests and short exams before my surgery. But soon after waiting about 1 1/2 hours I was lead into the pre-op room where they placed eye drops in my eyes to numb them and prep them for surgery. Then I met my surgeon, Dr. Ford, whom I recognized from the video I watched, before I was aloud to even have the surgery. According to a friend and fellow ward member that works at the office, he also owns PCLI. It was good to know I was in the best hands. After a few more eye drops I was led away from Dan and into the surgery room. He was led into a room behind a glass wall to view the surgery. It was really nice, cause right before Dr. Ford began the surgery he asked if he could offer a prayer. Which I knew he would do, since Becky (the gal I know that works there) told me he would, and I was so glad to have a surgeon that was in tune with our Heavenly Father. I guess that's another reason why He trusted him.

As Dr. Ford began the surgery he didn't say a word, but his nurse explained everything that was going on. It was so weird, like I said in the begining. Although I knew he was operating on me, it was if I was watching him do things on someone else, because I felt no pain whatsoever. I only felt a bit of pressure as the ring that is placed on my eye while the machine that cuts the corneal flap comes through, but even then, I thought that would totally gross me out, but it didn't. The only thing that was really gross about it, was when the laser was reshaping my eye, I could smell it and it smelled like burning hair. It totally grossed me out. But other than that, I don't remember the whole thing (both eyes) lasting more than 5 minutes. It was SO fast! I couldn't believe it! As I stood up from being done, I could already begin to see. It was more of what they said it would be; an "underwater vision", (like as if you were to open your eyes under water) but I could see, and I wasn't wearing glasses. The only thing I couldn't see however, was my husband. I asked the nurse where he was and she explained to me that the other nurse escorted him out of the viewing room, cause he almost passed out! Apparently while he thought he wanted to view my surgery from the viewing area, where they had a close up monitor of my eye that was being operated on (you could pretty much see the whole thing being done) he got queasy (like he normally does whith this sorta stuff; ie: blood, needles etc...) and the nurse saw all of the boold rushing from his face and asked if he was okay and he said, "No" and had to leave the room. How funny is that? I mean it totally doens't surprise me, I didn't expect him to watch it in the first place, but what a trooper to want to watch it! Way to go Dan!

Anyways I'm not totally 100% able to see yet, which is normal, but I've still got a while to heal. I still see "halos" around lights and I'm currently wearing sunglasses, in my house. Lame, eh? I'm pretty light sensitive and I can't squint at all, cause it'll cause the flap to wrinkle. I go for a post-op appoinment today, so we'll see how everything is. But I know everything will be fine.

Thank you Dan, Dr. Ford, and Heavenly Father for the best birthday present anyone could have given a person. The gift of sight.

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